The most important attractions in Capitol Reef

Main attractions in Capitol Reef National Park located in southern Utah and rock formations represent an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1000 km2.

Capitol Reef National Park's name comes from several rock formations that resemble the Capitol in Washington. The main rock formation in the park Capitol Reef National Park is Waterpocket Fold. For 100 miles depression in the earth's crust at the age of 65 million years.

The various layers are colored with a different color, indicating for which geological era in question. Most likely it comes to shifting layers of earth millions of years ago. All that we have described in this brief article is part of the natural landmarks in Utah that are extremely interesting and accessible for tourists Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Capitol Reef

National Park Capitol Reef is a wealth of canyons, domes and arches and cliffs around that narrow paths made by tourists.

The rocks you can see paintings of Indians inhabited these places to the 13th century and most likely they left because of climate change, in particular drought.

From 1880 settled a small group of Mormons. The entire park is suitable for all types of tourism outdoors: fishing, ATV tours, fishing, biking, horseback riding and wildlife observation. Even some prefer to just make a picnic of Capitol Reef National Park.

Hickman Bridge - a large natural arch, which in good will can visit if you walk about five kilometers through narrow canyons.

Cathedral Valley - located at the northern end of the park Capitol Reef National Park is characterized by two monolithic high cliffs scattered hundreds of meters apart.

Baptized with the name Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon.

Cassidy Arch Trail - about 6 km walkway between high blown rocks near Fruita. He hid the legendary robber Butch Cassidy from where comes the name of the trail.

Currently the city is a orchard with over 2,500 trees, of which every visitor to the park can eat as much as he wants.

National Park Capitol Reef live in freedom more than 300 animal species, such as large populations of deer and antelope. Predators are few and are mostly representatives of the mountain lion, coyote and black bear.

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