Incredibly beautiful attractions in Aruba

Sightseeing in Aruba located in the Caribbean, especially in the Lesser Antilles. Many small island overseas possession of the Netherlands. The coastline is only 70 km. The climate is dry tropical, mountainous terrain is flat with the highest point is Mount Yamanota - 188 m If you look high you will find that the entire island is inhabited and built up with houses and resorts fully adapted to tourism.

Statistics show that this beautiful country is visited by about 1 million tourists a year. Most visitors are from the U.S. and South America and tourists are more the population of the island. Unlike the other islands in the Caribbean that have a rainy season in Aruba is based year round. Average temperatures are around 28 degrees and the water is very clean and warm, suitable for swimming and diving.

The island state remains slightly off hurricanes passing through the Caribbean and attracts tourists who want to escape the cold winter in their countries. The humidity is relatively low for this geographical zone, and the heat is tolerated relatively easy. Nature of Aruba is very similar to that of the Canary Islands, because the banks are rocky vegetation is low, plain terrain. Bookmark and Share

Attractions in Aruba photo gallery

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Natural attractions in Aruba

In the northeastern part of the island, which is quite windy you can see a lot of wind and big waves.

Therefore, there are at least population and is the most wild. In many places, there are cacti and desert vegetation - Arikok National Park. Near the park is one of the greatest natural attractions in Aruba Natural Bridge.

A monolithic rock that looks like a bridge, and below it is broken waves. At the opposite side of the island is completely different. Here the sea is calm and quiet, suitable for diving and rest on the beach.

The most visited attractions in Aruba

The beach is protected by a reef, the water is clear and therefore this is the most concentrated population. In this part of Aruba is Oranjestad capital with only 40,000 people.

The atmosphere in the city a lot like a small town in the Netherlands and Amsterdam in particular. On the whole west coast of Aruba is the most friendly to tourists. Around the coast there are palm forests and coconut palms that make you feel in a romantic tale.

This of course does not apply to the large hotel complexes that maintain a beautiful park vegetation. Aruba will not see the lush tropical vegetation as there is on most Caribbean islands. Most preferred by tourists is Palm Beach. Here are the most beautiful beaches, the best sand, most fun and most luxurious hotels.

About Aruba has several small islands, which are designed to attract the wealthy tourists. In the photo gallery of places in Aruba can see them and enjoy the luxury and comfort of the Caribbean. With good will and a little more money you can visit attractions in Curacao, an island very close to Aruba.

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