The most important attractions in Alonissos

Main attractions in Alonissos, you can visit if you are a sea journey in this area. The Greek island of Alonissos is part of Sporades - Aegean archipelago. The main port is Patitiri, located in the southeastern part of the island.

The population decreased in recent years and is now about 2700 people who are engaged in agriculture and tourism. It should be noted that the beaches on the island Alonissos are covered with pebbles, but the water is one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean. There are many secluded coves where you can make a picnic with family and friends.

Take a private motorboat and a tour of the island or go to the neighboring island of Peristera. There is also a convenient beaches and tavern nearby. On the island of Alonissos no beach completely covered with fine sand, leading to less interest of tourists to this beautiful place. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Alonissos

However, there is a lot of history and mythology. With the island Alonissos connects example Peleus, father of Achilles and Philip of Macedonia. In the Renaissance it was built Venetian fortress, which can be seen, although it is well preserved.

Around the island there are many wrecks that may be considered if you sign up for diving in diving centers. Most tourists come here to rest from the city during the hot summer months and relax listening to Greek music in a tavern.

Cafes and hotels is very affordable. It offers delicious Mediterranean food and Greek specialties. The contrast between the steep clay cliffs of growing green pine forests and emerald waters of the Aegean Sea is full. Most tourists arrive in the port Patitiri, but reserve hotel in Alonissos.

The road is steep and narrow, as it passes through vineyards and orchards. You can even walk to go to the town of Alonissos, about an hour's duration. Accommodation in Alonissos depends on the price, it is preferable to choose a peaceful and picturesque coastal villages that are scattered and rooms to rent are affordable. In addition, you may have a pool and the beach is nearby.

This is a traditional Greek island, where you can find peace and quiet to enjoy the beach and watch the fishermen boats how fish as they did their ancestors. Residents of the island Alonissos are friendly and hospitable, dressed in traditional Greek islands clothing. The houses are whitewashed and roofs in red, as most islands.

This paradise in recent years developed a lot and you will not see any marks and damage from the earthquake in 1964. Neighbor islands Skiathos and Skopelos, which can also explore and see when good will and financial ability.

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