Natural and historical landmarks in Macedonia

Landmark in Macedonia are one of the most beautiful on the Balkan Peninsula. Until recently, the country had ethnic problems and constant disputes with neighboring countries on the history of Macedonia, but that has not stopped international tourism to develop. Although a small area places in Macedonia are not a few well worth a visit.

Here are the most important of these sites.

Skopje the capital and largest city of the Republic of Macedonia is full of attractions, such as the central part can not pass.

In the center there are at many architectural monuments, among them stands the monument of Alexander the Great, 22 meters high and more monuments of Goce Delchev, Justinian the Great, Tsar Samuil, st. Cyril and st.Methodius etc.

Natural landmarks in Macedonia can mention the famous lake Ohrid. Located between Albania and Macedonia, the largest in the Aegean area. Very beautiful and peaceful place ideal for a family holiday especially during summer.

You can be crossed by boat and enjoy the coastline and you can just lounge in the sun. Bookmark and Share

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Beautiful and unique landmarks in Macedonia

The conditions here are very good at relatively low prices for this part of Europe. Near the shore of Lake Ohrid is the most famous church - " Jovan Caneo ".

Supposedly, it was built in the 13th century and was the main church of the monastery destroyed. Near Lake Ohrid is the ancient monastery "St. Naum " . The monastery was built in the late 9th century and is connected with the name of students of Cyril and sv.Metodiy - Naum . This sacred place has a deep relationship with the monasteries in Bulgaria because the Bulgarian Cyril and Methodius were circled and enlighten the population in these lands.

On the right side of the monastery is the tomb of Naum . Naum Monastery is the most visited by pilgrims destination in Macedonia, is believed to have healing powers and treat mental illness . Another beautiful lake in the region is Lake Prespa .

It is located between Albania ,part of attractions in Greece and Macedonia, Macedonian part is the most beautiful with most towns as Praetor , Oteshevo , Asamati , Crany. If you are skiing in the winter we can offer you a holiday in the famous resort of Macedonia "Popova Sapka" - located in the Shar planina near Tetovo. Another interesting and very well preserved landmark in Macedonia is Treskavec monastery.

Located in southern Macedonia near the town of Prilep. Founded in XIV century, hidden in the mountains, but if you get in and visit the monastery before you will find the most beautiful view in southern Macedonia, especially at sunset. Another natural attraction is the mountain water - is a beautiful mountain park with deciduous and coniferous trees , many waterfalls and mountain streams , rich fauna.

The largest national park in Macedonia Mavrovo area 73 ha . It includes Shar mountains , Deschamps and more. The park is located lake Mavrovo. In the winter freezes and turns into ice rink . Near the area is Mavrovo ski resort that attracts tourists mainly from nearby countries. Unforgettable vacation in places in Macedonia.

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