The most beautiful attractions in Koh Ngai

Lovely holiday on Koh Ngai island, relatively small in size, covered with dense tropical forest. Koh Ngai's altitude is small, so it's hard to describe as a mountain island, as you can see in other travel books. The dimensions of the island are at least 4 km long and 2 km wide.

First of all, you can notice the large population of monkeys, which are quite annoying and thrilling and as a result they make a lot of noise. In my opinion, if you take good luck with nice weather and friendly aborigines, it may be that this place is pretty nice.

Other animals that you might encounter are lizards and crabs. The most remarkable thing is that they are everywhere. While the eastern side is facing the continent, it is quite understandable to have most beautiful beaches here. Therefore, the western side of Koh Ngai Island is rocky and does not go for hiking.

Besides, you can safely navigate the island with a motorboat, which is not a particular problem. You can rent a boat or arrange a small excursion to the neighboring islands of Ko Tarutao or Pulau Langkawi. It is also good to note the presence of several very beautiful beaches on Koh Ngai Island. Bookmark and Share

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The best experience in Koh Ngai

The sand is very fine and white, and the water is warm and crystal clear. It can be said that the visibility of the water is over 30 meters.

There are several hotel complexes that have divided the eastern coast for their tourists. They are one-storey luxury bungalows with a guest dining restaurant and several caf├ęs and souvenir shops. Having written luxury, do not blame yourself.

For the average European, these are rather middle-class bungalows. If we are to be honest, this is a place where you can really relax in peace and tranquility. A wild and romantic island at a fairly reasonable price.

From water attractions we can mention snorkeling that is practiced on the west coast because there is a coral reef.

There is only one trail through the forest that connects the east to the west coast. The trail leaves from the Koh Naga Paradise resort and reaches a secluded nose. The view in clear weather is wonderful.

Moving between the beaches on the eastern side is easy and safe. You can walk on the beach freely in the evening. Romantic walks, tranquility and tranquility can be found at this place called Koh Ngai Island.

We strongly recommend it. You can get here from Bangkok by boat or ferry going around the neighboring islands as a small cruise.

In our view, Koh Ngai Island can not be popular with Ko Phi Phi or Phuket Island, but it is ideal for people with a lower budget.

We were staying at Thanya Beach Resort because the beach is incredible. There is fantastic views of the entire bay and the nearby islands. The best time for a vacation on Koh Ngai is in the months from November to April, because then comes a rainy season and most hotels close.

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