Lost Cities - myths and reality

Unfortunately, the more time passes, the less we know about the lost cities. Assuming that the most ancient civilizations on Earth are 5000 years ago, logically follows the question of where our ancestors lived over the years and why their cities are deserted or abandoned. There are many reasons a city abandoned to waving away so as natural disasters or wars are devastating villages.

Dramatic climate change, and why not the loss of commercial and political influence would lead to the rapid departure of the population in a given area. Here we present the ancient lost city discovered by archaeologists centuries later.

Carthage - established by Phoenician settlers located in present-day Tunis, becomes a major force in the Mediterranean centuries ahead. Compete with Rome and Syracuse, leading several successful wars with them (Hannibal). In 146 BC. Romans invaded and burned by enslaving the entire population. In 698 BC. Muslims occupied it and again razed it to the ground.

Ciudad Perdida - located in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia, founded around 800 BC. Translated from Spanish means Lost City. Bookmark and Share

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Amazing Lost Cities

It consists of many interconnected terraces with terracotta roads in the mountains of Colombia.

Troy - legendary city described very well by Homer in the poem "Iliyada." Located in northwestern attractions in Turkey, known in Homer's epic poem, "The Iliad." The excavations of Heinrich Schliemann in the 19th century were the beginning of a series of discoveries prove.

Ancient city of Caral - Located in the Supe Valley of Peru, arguably the oldest lost city in the Americas. Inhabited between 2600 BC and 2000 BC. Taxila - Located in northwest attractions in Pakistan, the main hub of the Persian kings. In 326 BC. Darius the Great passed the town of Alexander of Macedonia.

Taxila is an important commercial crossroads in the 5th century.

Sukhothai - one of the most important cities in landmarks of Thailand during the Thai dynasty. Here lies the so-called Red Empire and the ancient city e first capital of Thailand. It lived about 80,000 people. After the town was conquered in 1438, enter into the kingdom Ayutthaya.

Lost City Sanchi is located in the Indian jungle and is more than 1000 years. There were many Buddhist temples and monasteries that are now ruins. In the 13th century the city declined because Sanchi Buddhism in India lost influence with the arrival of myusulmanstvoto religion.

Mesa Verde - an ancient city in the rocks of the Grand Canyon Colorado. Here lived the Anasazi, who used natural shelter of the canyon to build stone houses. In the 13th century the population suddenly left the city, most likely due to poor harvests and the raids of neighboring tribes.

Lost City Vijaynagar - was once one of the largest cities in the world with over half a million inhabitants. Indian Vijaynagar city is in bloom between 14th century and 16th century, in the time often fought with Muslim kingdoms.

Lost city of Calakmul - hidden in the jungles of Mexico, this is one of the largest Mayan cities ever discovered.

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