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Attractions of Lord Howe – Australia

Maps are unlikely to notice the small attractions of Lord Howe island, because he is so small, but at the expense of extremely beautiful. Located in the Tasman Sea east of the Australian mainland and has a total area of ​​14.55 km 2. Long and 10 km wide 0.3 km.

Attractions of Lord Howe Island are volcanic crescent-shaped, with the majority of it is mountainous terrain. Population lives in the northern part of the island and is mainly engaged in tourism and in the south are high mountains with the highest point Mount Gower 875 meters.

In the past Lord Howe Island was a whaling base, but reduce the number of whales in the area and the ban on whaling began the development of tourism. This happens after the Second World War, when Australia lays claim to this part of the world.

Actually around this island there is a small archipelago of small islands scattered in the Tasman Sea.

They are uninhabited, but are very beautiful, especially lonely bloomers rock Balls Pyramid, which is connected to the phenomena of Australia. Located 23 km from Lord Howe Island and can be seen sailing boat. Bookmark and Share

Protected areas and attractions of Lord Howe Island

70% of the attractions of Lord Howe Island is a protected area by UNESCO because here nest endemic bird species that are found only in these latitudes.

Tourism on the island is very well developed, it is good to know that more than 800 people together with the staff can not be on the island. In other words, the number of tourists should not be more than 400 people.

The biggest attractions of Lord Howe Island are surfing, kayaking, diving and fishing.

Tourist attractions of Lord Howe Island

It is not allowed to do camping, because protection of the environment. It is also good to know that there are completely isolated from the world, because no cell phones and road transport.

For the convenience of tourists are built luxury houses or villas, as each of them has internet and telephone. Not allowed visitors with pets, except where authorized by the Governing Council of the island. On Lord Howe Island has two banks, a kindergarten, a medical clinic with 4 beds, two small shops and a policeman.

Peaceful holiday is guaranteed. If you want to walk to Mt Gower will need 8 hours walking up a steep mountain terrain that is secured with ropes. There is also a small mountain tours to Transit Hill - 4 hours and North Bay - 5:00. If you are poor climbers is good to have a guide.

The climate is humid subtropical, as the wind blows constantly. For lovers of diving can offer an interesting walk around the coral reefs of Lord Howe Island and visit the underwater plateau 36 meters depth. This monitor the black corals that grow on vertical reef.

For those of you who want to laze on the beach offers a pleasant holiday on only one of blinky beach. Beside it is a shallow lagoon, where you can see and feed small sharks and other fish species.

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