Historical and architectural attractions in Lithuania

Small in size but with many attractions in Lithuania that curious tourists can visit . This is short for this beautiful east European country. Among the leading attractions in Lithuania could be said that architectural monuments dominate natural attractions.

Sightseeing in Lithuania are similar alandmarks in Estonia and landmarks in Latvia, first because they are the Baltic states entered at the same time in the European Union and the second reason is the climate and landscape of these neighboring countries.

Namely is therefore best to visit as many cities. This is a unique opportunity to experience the history of Lithuania. Firstly we would like to take a walk in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius city. Old Town of Vilnius was first mentioned back in 1323.

He is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest city in Europe with clumped together architectural monuments. Abundance of churches, temples and castles in one place is the calling card of this European capital.

Baroque and Gothic buildings are the most. Starting point is Cathedral Square, a favorite place of citizens of the capital, and the church "St. Anna" and several castles built during XIV and XVI are only addition to our walk.Bookmark and Share

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The most visited attractions in Lithuania

Gate of Dawn is a temple and an attractive place for Christian pilgrims and worshipers of other religions. Great interest is the image of the Virgin Mary or Vilnius Madonna.

The drawing is from the 17th century and is believed to have miraculous powers. One of the exotic attractions in Lithuania Museum Palanga Amber. Housed in a Renaissance building and exposure of amber located in 15 rooms of the museum.

Since opening to the exhibition is now visited by 8 million people. Visitors are introduced to the processing, formation and practical application of amber. The collection consists of 4,500 pieces of amber in different shapes and sizes.

On the front terrace of the Museum annually hosts concerts and other interesting cultural events for 30 years. The second most important and famous attraction in Lithuania - Trakai castle.

Located 28 km from Vilnius, former residence of the Lithuanian princes. Represents island castle on Lake Galvani, who is very difficult to capture by enemy forces. The time now is become a historical museum. Around town Trakai there is still much to see.

For example palace Uzutrakis close to having a beautiful park for walking, castle Senieji many lakes and archaeological excavations. Siauliai town is known for the famous Hill of Crosses, which has no analogue in the world. It is a place of pilgrimage for Christians Catholics.

At present, the exact number of crosses can not be specified, but it is over 10,000. Visit the city of Klaipeda, situated on the bay Kursh. The city was founded in 1252 near the castle Memelburg. In the near Klaipeda is Lithuania's natural attraction - Curonian Spit National Park.

It is about 100 km long sand dunes, near which there are pine forests. Part of this narrow neck of land and natural phenomenon belongs to the Kaliningrad region. Very interesting combination is not it?

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