The most important attractions in Sardinia

List of places in Sardinia, exotic sunny destination that combines tranquility and comfort needed for complete relaxation. Sardinia is an island located in the southern part of Italy, for years considered one of the finest resorts in Europe. It will enchant you with its turquoise waters, rock formations and lush vegetation.

Sardinia has some of the most attractive beaches of the Mediterranean. It attracts not only luxury restaurants, five star hotels and glamorous shops. You can admire the magnificent landscapes, magnificent granite buildings, incredibly delicious and fresh seafood, and for lovers of ancient history:

remains of the Roman Empire and the Spanish Baroque. When selecting a period in which to visit the island, follow the golden rule: avoid August. Then Sardinia is packed with tourists and the weather can be awful hot. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Sardinia

Every other month of the year is a good time to indulge in a trip around the beautiful island as May and June are preferred because of the crystal clear skies and pleasant weather. Once you get there, wallowing in the situation and try all goods that can be found in the Italian jewel, and they are many ...

Attractions in Sardinia offers a variety of activities as well, and the sights worth seeing. As spomenahmte, here you will find some of the most exotic beaches of the Mediterranean, where you can indulge in actively serving in the sand and water sports. The island has no enviable nightlife except in the Costa Smeralda, but instead it is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor activities.

Besides water sports and basking on the beach, Sardinia is a paradise for hikers. And although the highest point on the island is only 2000 meters altitude, the terrain is steep and appealing to those who like such routes. If you want to become familiar with the culture and history of Italian jewelry, walk in the cities of Cagliari, Sassari and Alghero where you will see old stone walls and narrow romantic streets.

You can see the beautiful cathedral city in Alghero and the cliffs of Cape Capo jumped famous cave of Neptune, the old town with medieval towers in Cagliari and last but not least museums dedicated to the island and its history. Be sure to visit the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography and National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari.

Do not limit yourself to visit only one city. Walk as much as possible to immerse yourself in the spirit of Sardinia. Walking through the cities, you can see many churches dating from the time of early Christianity to the Baroque period.

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