The most important parks in New Zealand

List of parks in New Zealand, you need to know when visiting this country. Only here nature is revealed in front of people so rich diversity. On the territory of New Zealand, which is located on two islands are 14 national parks, where forests, mountains, fjords, volcanoes and rivers are the main and most valuable landmarks.

The oldest Tongariro National Park is known by many science and artistic films. The outline of the trees amid rocks and smoldering volcanoes usually filmed here. When the park held pictures of "Lord of the Rings" mountain landscape of Tongariro are converted into Mordor and Ruapehu volcano - the mountain Orodruin. The park is famous for its volcanoes force and burned the cloth, there also has springs of life: in the park you can see transparent underground sources, spurting geysers and extremely beautiful emerald lake.Bookmark and Share

The best parks in New Zealand

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National parks in New Zealand

One of the most accessible and popular parks in New Zealand is the national park Egmont. It is located on the North Island on the west coast, not far from New Plymouth, Inglewood and Opunake, and was founded in 1900.

In Egmont is Taranaki volcano, which is revered by Maori tribe. Tourists visiting these ends to admire the untouched nature: huge mountains, waterfalls, forests and lakes. Lovers of extreme sports like Egmont because of the unique opportunities for mountaineering. Fiordland is the largest New Zealand national park, which others can hardly compete in beauty and grandeur.

The park occupies an impressive territory in southwestern South Island. Its territory is shaped by numerous slopes and cliffs, and forests are inhabited by a huge number of unique animals and birds. Visitors can shift a number of different routes, and fish in mountain rivers. South Island is also the largest park Kahurangi, which has preserved all the power of nature.

When it comes to rivers, they are fast and violent, in the case of trees, it will have enormous centuries-old cloth. Staggering beauty mountains are dotted with unseen in other lands flowers and grasses. The park is a network of paths that can look in the remotest corners of Kahurangi.

A special place occupies the park Rakiura, which extends to 90% of the island Stewart, located 40 km from the southern coast of New Zealand. This is the wet and windy point in the country, forest almost not affected by the settlers living here is difficult, but so does nature is unique.

On the island live huge number of unique New Zealand kiwi bird and to admire one of them will have to swim to Stewart, which in itself is an interesting adventure

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