Natural and historical attractions in Lesotho

If you need something to remember attractions in Lesotho, it will have beautiful mountains and beautiful lakes in this distant country . The area of ​​Lesotho is very small, only 30, 000 square kilometers, but here are gathered the most beautiful natural scenery you have ever wanted to see . The total altitude is about 1400 meters it is the only landlocked country in the world. This is pretty cool, even in summer. Often in these latitudes there are thunderstorms, winter is cold and damp and the temperature dropped to -10 ° C, and the high mountains to -20 ° C. The terrain is entirely mountainous, located on the plateau Thaba Bosiu. From Lesotho spring rather rivers that lead to South Africa.

The fauna is quite diverse, with a predominance of zebras and antelopes and birds of ostriches. Interest in Lesotho is not very large in economic terms, the country is poorly understood and is believed to have reserves of gold and copper. Tourism is underdeveloped as attractions in Lesotho are the most famous in the world. However, there are places in this beautiful country, which should be noted and visit. First is the most famous attraction in Lesotho falls Semonkong. It is located on Maletsunyane River and 204 meters high. In summer it is deep and accessible.

In winter freezes and is ideal for ice climbing. Semonkong waterfall itself is an attractive place for photographers as they can shoot both high and close up. Another interesting attraction in Lesotho is first national park Sehlabathebe. Bookmark and Share

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Ancient historical attractions in Lesotho

Located in the southeastern part of the country and is interesting for its unique rock formations , ponds full of fish and preserved ecosystem of plants and birds. If you like scenic landscapes offer a trip to Katse Dam.

This is a pretty interesting place, because here are collected water resources of Lesotho. The area is highly dissected by channels and canyons filled with water , which is barred by the dam .

This is the highest wall in South Africa. Here you have options to explore the entire area on horseback or by boat to swim to the dam of Katse Dam. The next attraction in Lesotho is Sani Pass.

The most visited attractions in Lesotho

This option is the only one can ride a jeep 4x4 climb meander on serpentine road to the top. Before 1950 it was only possible with pack animals ( donkeys or horses ) . And now you can see the way how easy going these animals , which is pretty impressive .

One of the biggest attractions in Lesotho , Basotho nation that celebrates a mountain Thaba-Bosiu. It is not very high, but the legend says that at night becomes huge and keeps Basotho people from enemy raids. Emblematic place in Thaba-Bosiu mountain is Mount Qiloane. At the foot of the peak can still see the remains of a fortress, which according to legend was impregnable . From a historical perspective there is an attraction in Lesotho , which amazes visitors.

These are cave houses Kome, where even today there are people who maintain the traditions of the ancient inhabitants of these lands. Housing themselves are very interesting made of sand, clay plastered with adobe, under the canopy of a large rock. Initially there lived people of the two leading clans Basia and Bataung, and the place is of national importance for tourism and is called "Liboping". On this attractions in Lesotho, visitors can learn about the culture and lifestyle of ancient people.

The last of the attractions in Lesotho, but quite beautiful, which will tell you about a national park Tse'hlanyane. This is the largest park in Lesotho , an area of 5600 hectares of high altitude and there is still much to be done to make it an attractive tourist destination.

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