The most important attractions in Samos

Perhaps not everyone knows about the legendary landmarks of Samos and in particular the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. This place is the most famous in the Aegean Sea due to its proximity to the world famous resort of Kusadasi. Samos is an important crossroads of trade ships from Greece, Egypt and Asia. For this reason, here you can see traces of several ancient cultures. In the archaeological museum has preserved much evidence for this theory, but in monasteries can see valuable paintings of famous artists of the era in which they lived.

Near the monastery of Panagia Vrondiani is a unique water supply facility (tunnel with a length of 1 km) specially built in the rocks underground. The flowering of the island at the time of the tyrant Polycrates, who ordered to build this masterpiece of engineering thought. Samos is famous for its picturesque coves and of course the busiest beaches. In the past there have been several wildfires that have destroyed much of the forest, but joy everything is restored. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Samos

Numerous tourists can ascertain the natural beauty of the island of Samos and transparent waters without competition in the area. The population is about 35,000 people, during the tourist season doubles.

The capital is a city Wadding or aka Samos. The rich history of the island and the hospitality of the local people is the basis of strong demand for family vacations for the Greeks themselves and for many Europeans. Relief on the island of Samos is mountainous in places with cliffs by the sea and bays with clean sand. Surfing, water skiing and jet rides are the major attractions here. One of the most beautiful beaches is Tsamadou.

The beach is only a few kilometers from the town of Kokkari near the coastal road. It has all the amenities for a holiday. Unlike other beaches here pebbles NP lazha are small and oval, which does not impede walking barefoot.

The right part is a nudist beach. Potokaki beach long enough pebbly beach about 14km west of the capital and 3 km from Pythagorio. This is the most visited beach by locals. Because of the proximity of Potokaki beach to the island's capital, here the bars and catering are always full.

Samos offers various types of accommodation as close to the beach and in the wooded part of the island. Here are the other beaches on the island of Samos, which will only list: Mykali is a small rocky beach with clear water, beach Kerveli secluded beach on the eastern side, a small bay surrounded by greenery is ideal for relaxation.

Heraion beach and near him fishing port in the south of the island. The name of the beach Heraion is because of its proximity to the famous temple of Hera. Mykali beach compared to others is the least covered pebble beach and clean water. From here visitors can see shores of Turkey only 1500m. from them.

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