Beautiful Nature of Lefkada island

Lefkada tourist attractions are situated in the western part of Greece. The island is separated from mainland Greece by a narrow isthmus. There drawbridge built in the northern part of Lefkada, which is actually the most important road in the infrastructure.

The Mediterranean climate and proximity to the mainland make this place preferred by tourists to Europe. Most visitors come here because of the many beaches, good service and low prices. Lefkada is small enough to be examined for a few days without having to hire a guide.

It is enough to rent a car and a map to visit the most important tourist attractions on the island of Lefkada. The historical Lefkada tourist attractions can mention the medieval castle Agia Mavra. Clearly outlines the fortification wall that was protective barrier against possible enemy. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Lefkada island

The interior is not well preserved and only clear outline of the premises. The second historical landmark monastery Faneromeni. Located Frini to serve and worship of all believers in Lefkada.

The largest settlement is the town of Lefkada. Typical of it are narrow streets and small shops. Taverns and restaurants on every corner there. Available traditional Mediterranean food and Naturally Greek specialties.

Large rivers and waterfalls on the island of Lefkada almost gone, but there is still a tall waterfall Dimossari near the village Nydri. It is not deep, but during the summer months many tourists visit it because of the coolness in the narrow gorge and pure water under the waterfall.

No doubt most tourists come to the island of Lefkada for its beautiful beaches. The most visited Porto Katsiki beach is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Greece. The beach is narrow because of the high rocks that restrict teensy sand. Beach Egremni, represents dalak narrow beach.

To reach it is necessary to go through a lot of steep steps, which is a great inconvenience to tourists. No trees, and this should bring your umbrella against the sun or hire one on the beach.

Beach Kathisma, I think the most accessible beach on the island. It can be reached by car and if you are lucky to get there earlier in the day, you can park your car and spend an unforgettable holiday.

There are many fast food and soft drinks. In the summer, however in high season Kathisma beach is crowded. There are several species of marine attractions - windsurfing, sailing sports and flying with a parachute.

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