List of landmarks in Latvia

The list of landmarks in Latvia is quite large, but we will discuss only the most famous of them. This small northern country is now the preferred destination for Western tourists and the people of America. Convenient and quality services, good infrastructure and revitalized atmosphere are just some of the charms of Latvia.

The country is a former Soviet republic has secured its independence and started on the right track. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful natural and historical list landmarks in Latvia. The country has the longest coastline of the Baltic Sea from the Baltic republics and in particular in the Gulf of Riga. Seaside resorts are very well developed and provide luxury at a very attractive price.

From a historical perspective, the capital Riga is the largest number of landmarks in Latvia. The church "St. Peter" in the old city is a symbol of Riga. Walk around the old town of Riga, which some very similar to Prague. Visit the architectural attraction Rizhski castle built in 1910 by a wealthy merchant. You could try the Latvian cuisine in Lido complex or have fun in the water complex " Aqualandia ".Bookmark and Share

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Historical landmarks in Latvia

A pleasant holiday on the beach can offer such in the most famous Latvian resort of Jurmala city or Segunda where rested the Russian royal family. Natural landmarks in Latvia may put first National Park Gauja.

It is situated on the longest river in Latvia 459 km . In fact, the most beautiful part of the park is about 80 km along the river. In this section of the river Gauja can see some deep caves and rock - Gutmans of the devil.

Gauja National Park has over 500 historical and natural attractions, including churches, stone fortresses watermills and windmills. Main tourist attraction is Sigulda, Cesis Castle and Tiraida. In Sigulda you can drive in the summer boat or bicycle and winter skiing.

Everything is very well organized, so as not to damage the environment. If you love romance and tranquility, be sure to visit the city of Liepaja. The city is famous for music festivals in the summer, excellent beaches Blue Flag, promenade ideal for walking and stylish cafes and small hotels.

Similar city ideal for a family vacation is a city Ventspils. Jekabpils city will charm you with old buildings and churches, the park seems muzya Latvian poet Rainis and others. In Latvia there are many well-preserved castles, the most beautiful castle is Cesvaine.

As you look at the side you'd think he was out of a fairy tale. There are picture windows, towers of varying size and shape, and roofs in the Gothic style. This medieval castle is reminiscent of years when Latvia was a feudal country.

We will finish our short walk to one of the most beautiful cities of Latvia, namely Cesis. Here can be seen the ancient castle, St. John Lutheran Church, meat brewery tour in the small cobbled streets of the Old Town and others.

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