The largest tombs in the rocks

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The largest temples in the rocks are made by special technology, with hard labor and years of work. Others are very few such monuments of antiquity mainly in India, China, Jordan and Turkey.

It is good to know that these temples, monasteries and tombs are monolithic rock has created since the time of the pharaohs in Egypt between 3000 and 1500 BC In Malta and other Mediterranean islands. The emblem of this construction is rock city of Petra in Jordan. The largest temple in the rock is Al Khazneh, the most popular tourist destinations in this Asian country.

Most of the details of the facade are well preserved, given that they are 2000 years. Lycian tombs carved into the rocks near the river to the city of Dalyan, Turkey. Huge rock tombs can be seen from the River Dalyan, one of the tourist attractions in Turkey. Bookmark and Share

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Top 10 temples in the rocks

Usually tourists who vacation in Antalya able to visit this ancient place. The largest tomb of Amyntas is available for visitors. The climb is easy and for a short time on stone steps. The view of the city of Fethiye is impressive if it is clear the time. Again in southern Turkey are tombs in Myra.

This is an ancient Greek town in Lycia. Currently there is the Turkish town of Demre. Rock-cut tombs in the form of temple pediments, oddly hanging in monolithic rock. To the rock-cut tombs have built a Roman theater built about 200 years later. In Cappadocia has enough temples carved into the rocks.

An example is the temple at Selime Cappadocia. Apart from temples here it can see the ancient cliff dwellings and well preserved tombs and so on..

Cave temples of Badami built more than 1,500 years in honor of the god Vishnu and Lord Vishnu in India. Fabulous interior architecture typical of India, with lots of ornaments and images of gods. To summarize the architecture of India is of a religious nature. Bhaja Caves are located in the village of River Indrayani Lonavala. Ellora caves in India, located near the city of Aurangabad. Besides these historical landmarks, visit exceptionally beautiful palaces in India.

Ellora cave complex consists of 34 caves. Construction began in about 500 years BC to 750 The most impressive of these is the Kailash. Amazing architecture of large area carved monolithic vertical scale.

Represents the abode of Lord Shiva, many love scenes originally covered with plaster. Lalibela in northern Ethiopia. These are the rock churches carved into solid rock probably built between the 12th to 13th century. Every church is a symbol of humility and spirituality.

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