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Landmarks on St Thomas, which I visited and I want to tell you about my experiences. From a historical point of view, it can only be mentioned that they were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493. They were successively ruled by Spain, England, the Netherlands and Denmark. Finally, Denmark sold this overseas territory to the United States for $ 21 million.

Iguanas, palm trees, a lot of exotics and of course Magens Bay beach, which is considered to be the second most beautiful beach in the world. I want to clarify that this beach is guarded and has an entrance fee, which is quite high for our standard of living. Much of this money is for the maintenance and cleanliness of Magens Bay Beach. St. Thomas is relatively quiet compared to other Caribbean islands. During the summer season between March and September, 7 cruise ships with tourists dock here.

Then it is a real madhouse and of course the prices of services and food rise. St. Thomas Island has an area of ​​32 square miles, but you have great opportunities to dive in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, to see the historical sights that are close by, even if you rent a bike. Bookmark and Share

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What I saw on St Thomas Island

If you want to take panoramic photos of the whole island you have to take a lift 700 meters above the city of Charlotte Amalie. The next day we took a taxi, which took us around the most interesting things on the island of St. Thomas.

An interesting fact is that around the main island there are smaller islands, some of which are for sale, but are so expensive that so far there is no serious interest in them. Everywhere in the city of Charlotte Amalie you can see the face of Bob Marley, a famous reggae artist from the recent past.

The western part is more picturesque because there are not many comfortable beaches because of the rocky shore. While the eastern and central part is quite developed with many private hotels at reasonable prices. The best place to shop is in central Charlotte Amalie. There is practically everything here, from delicious food and drinks, to cigars, pipes and marijuana. Yes, marijuana is sold freely and no one is impressed.

It is quite free in this part of the world, there is a sense of carelessness in the people here, everyone is smiling and casual. It's as if time has stopped on St. Thomas Island. The next day we went to the beach. It's nice to swim and have colorful fish around you. They are used to people, especially if you bring cookies that they love very much. We learned this from a fisherman we met the day before. The biscuit itself is fragrant and attracts fish instantly.

Their colors are yellow, red and blue and you can even touch them with your hand. I took underwater photos with some of the colorful creatures. Then I relaxed under the shade of a palm tree lying on a deck chair.

Our week on this beautiful Caribbean island passed imperceptibly, we were rested and satisfied, although we knew that we would not come here again. Not because we didn't like it, but because we want to go around the other islands in the Caribbean.

Take a look at the photos to this exciting article that I hope you enjoy. We felt very charged after this vacation and the fragrance of St. Thomas Island. There is a ferry to Puerto Rico or Anguilla, so take advantage of the opportunity.

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