Beautiful Nature of Robinson Crusoe Island

Crusoe Island is located approximately 650 kilometers from the Chilean coast and some tourists have visited it. In fact, the name of the island of maps is Isla Mas a Tierra, but in 1966 the government of Chile decided to rename the island of Robinson Crusoe to attract more tourists.

However, this can not be obtained because there are no conditions for tourism in this region. Permanent residents are less than 1,000 people, the hotels are small houses for rent. Residents rely entirely on fishing and live in the only village San Juan Bautista.

In fact the island is not anything special, but in the past has an interesting history, when the island was deserted and it falls only survivor of a shipwreck sailor named Alexander Selkirk. This happened back in 1704. Bookmark and Share

Robinson Crusoe Island photogallery


Natural attractions in Robinson Crusoe Island

He lives in solitude more than four years and actually became an inspiration for Daniel Defoe novel "Robinson Crusoe". Robinson Crusoe Island is volcanic in nature, banks are steep and inhospitable to shipping.

Only Bay Cumberland, which is located in the town of San Juan Bautista is a convenient port for small ships and yachts. The climate is subtropical with a lot of wind because of the winds coming from South America. The vegetation is low in most cases, shrubs and turf.

The soil is volcanic and is not suitable for agricultural crops. The easiest way for the arrival of this remote place is by plane to land on the small track, which is located at the southwest end of the island. The main attraction on the island of Robinson Crusoe is diving into the deep waters around the island and monitoring of the sunken during World War German boat and lobster fishing. Tourists often stay here more than 2-3 days.

This time is enough to walk around the island and in good time to make panoramic photos of Robinson Crusoe Island. Southwest is the island of Santa Clara. Desert island, which has no tourist importance to this part of the South Pacific.

Best islands of Juan Fernandez archipelago can be considered to ship them around. As is otdalichen from South America, Robinson Crusoe Island is ideal for eco-tourism and people seeking relaxation in nature.

Because of the big tides that form waves, some surfers prefer here to enjoy extreme emotions. Years ago, Juan Fernandez islands were flooded by the tsunami, which took several casualties. Overall human activity has failed to undermine that part of the Pacific Ocean.

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