Beautiful seascapes from Pantelleria

Landmarks of Pantelleria are related to extinct volcano and hot springs minarelni. Just these springs are a result of underwater volcanic eruptions. Geographically, the island of Pantelleria belongs to the Sicilian province of Trapani. In the past, the island was used as a prison.

During the Roman Empire exiled prominent figures. The first landmark is the internal lake Lago di Venere. The lake has a depth of two to ten meters and is powered by springs that determine the high water temperature. The view of Lago di Venere is very beautiful and can make a nice panoramic picture of the island of Pantelleria.

In the southern part of the lake there is the possibility of mud baths, which the medics have healing properties. Few people who bathe in the lake due to high water temperature, but to calm the nerves and contemplation is ideal. Bookmark and Share

Pantelleria photogallery

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Natural attractions of Pantelleria

In autumn and spring ezetoto around Lago di Venere collect migratory birds, which is a prerequisite for more photos. Another interesting place that we want to show you is the National Park Montagna Grande.

Located in the central area of the island. Park is proud that retains its Mediterranean flora and fauna. Thermal pool Sorgenti di Gadir. Enterprising residents of the island of Pantelleria have managed to fence with concrete pool wall from the sea and make it an attraction.

In other words, visitors have two options for bathing (sea and thermal pool). Elephant Arch - the most important landmark of the island of Pantelleria. According to people with imaginative arch that looks like an elephant. According to me it looks like a hole in the rock. Cala Cinque Denti, a picturesque bay if you're on a yacht.

The steep bank does not allow to be used for the beach, but the boat can safely dive in the clear warm water. Balata dei Turchi, a beautiful bay in the southern part of the island of Pantelleria with interesting pirate history.

If you choose for your family summer holiday will enjoy the nice warm weather and see some of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean. Each hotel has its own heated pool, which is preferable to steep rocky coast. Try unique Mediterranean cuisine of Pantelleria. Just to add that the island of Pantelleria enter the route of the cruise ships. Our proposal is to travel north because the attractions of Sicily are more interesting for tourists.

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