Major tourist landmarks of Norfolk Island

Landmarks of Norfolk Island are located in the southern Pacific Ocean discovered by Captain James Cook in the middle of the triangle formed between the continent of Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

Under the name Norfolk understood three islands, the largest is the Norfolk and 7 km. it is an island Phillip - the next area, and between them is a small island of Nepean. Norfolk Island is volcanic in nature, which rises above sea level about 30 meters. Its shores are steep and rocky, with only one bay is suitable for swimming and sailing - Emily Bay.

The reason for this is the small coral reef, which stands on the big waves coming from the Pacific Ocean. Supply of goods and food can only be done on Cascade Bay. The climate is mild subtropical nature is well preserved. You would not believe that Norfolk Island was formerly a prison.

Still standing buildings and walls of the prison, which is currently one of the attractions of Norfolk Island. 10% of the territory is occupied by National Park Norfolk. Here grow subtropical vegetations and iconic Norfolk pine. To enter the territory of the park Nepean Island and the island of Phillip.Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks of Norfolk Island

Years ago, the park had a problem with rodents (rabbits) that have devastated almost all vegetation. The situation is under control and we will not see any signs of that. Landmarks of Norfolk Island are an ideal choice for an exciting family vacation, away from big cities.

Peace and quiet you are guaranteed. The entire island is divided into farms, the local population is friendly. There are many culinary delights, seafood and traditional European food.

Beaches in Norfolk are very beautiful, quiet and romantic. A large number of tourists every year in the months of December to May visit these places. Blue ocean waters caress the golden sand shores.

Historical landmarks of Norfolk Island

The most visited beaches in Norfolk Three: Anson Bay, Slaughter Bay and Emily Bay. Anson Bay is a secluded beach at the foot of steep cliffs.

Care must be taken, however, if you want to swim or if surfing because the waves are big and the wind is often strong. A good beach for water sports and snorkeling is Slaughter Bay. In calm seas can enjoy the underwater wildlife in the nearby reef. Emily Bay is among the ten most safe and peaceful beaches in the world.

You can swim safely in a well-shaped lagoon, without worrying. If you have small children, do not worry about them because the water is warm and shallow crystal blue. The largest village is Kingston.

Here are gathered all the historic landmarks of Norfolk Island. The museum houses from the time of colonialism, artifacts when the island was closed, the Botanical Garden and others.

Landmarks of Norfolk Island are among the best places to travel, beautiful pictures of nature of Norfolk and many surprises - travel suggestions and ideas to rest.

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