Beautiful Nature of Maluku islands

The most important landmarks Maluku islands are within Indonesia. Geographically Maluku islands are located between Sulawesi Island , New Guinea and East Timor island.

At the beginning of last century, when trade was very well developed these islands were known as the Spice Islands. Earthquakes are frequent as well as volcanic eruptions.

Sparsely populated islands in comparison with other Indonesian islands. Drinking water is very small, which is a big problem for tourism development. By contrast there are many endemic species of plants and animals. From natural attractions can mention the Manusela National Park.

Very good place to visit and monitor hundreds of bird species and insects. Banda islands, which in the past produced spice "nutmeg" currently are ideal for snorkelling. Bookmark and Share

Maluku islands photogallery

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Top landmarks of Maluku islands

From April to end of October, the sea is calm and visibility is very high. The water is warm even at night. Ngade Lake on the island of Ternate.

Very beautiful freshwater lake, around which there are several ideal places for family recreation and the opportunity to clamber volcano Gamalama. An interesting proposal is to climb Gunung Banda Api.

No need to have a leader, but only water and good mountain shoes. If you are lucky no clouds will make nice panoramas in the archipelago Banda. Almost every island has at least one nice beach suitable for relaxation and sunbathing. For this reason, no specific mentioning the names of all the beaches on the Maluku.

Makian island and volcano Makian also interesting destination, although for some it is quite dangerous because volcano is active and it is not known when it will erupt again. Last time it was necessary for all residents to be evacuated. Ambon Island - well developed island for tourism because their akakvo to consider there.

The interior of the island is covered with tropical vegetation - poorly investigated. There are several endemic species of animals and plants. Along the coast there are beautiful hotels and ideal conditions for a wonderful holiday. Buru Island - by 2008 this place was decided to develop towards tourism.

Advantage is the international airport and well preserved flora and fauna. Wound around the lake will be built off tourist center with very good conditions for walks in the wild on the island of Buru. Island Yamdena - interesting place to look at the basic crafts of this place and the stone pillars of the city Sangliat Dol, which leads to a small megalith.

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