Landmarks in Washington State

Landmarks in Washington state can be divided into East and West. Eastern parts of the state are plains and desert, while Western are covered with beautiful pine forests, many lakes, mountains and inactive volcanoes.

The reason for this is the proximity of the Pacific Ocean that brings moist flows to the continent. Let's start our virtual tour of natural landmarks in Washington State with Olympic National Park.Tova is a protected area by UNESCO, which is located on the largest peninsula Olympic.

The park has several ecosystems that are worth seeing, but also coniferous forests and mountains much like the Alps in Europe. Olympic National Park is accessible by car, even during the winter months. Good to know that located near natural landmarks in Oregon.

The coastal line of Washington State is not suitable for swimming in the summer because the banks are high and rocky, and the tides are large. Mount Rainier National Park, one of the most impressive parks in the state. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in Washington State

Not even try to climb Mount Rainier, is enough to drive around it and stop to take panoramic pictures of the mountain. Moreover, Mount Rainier is relatively easy to climb, and on top of 4350 meters there is a large crater. The panorama from the top is amazing.

On a clear day see the entire Mount Rainier National Park. North Cascades Scenic Highway, covers the northern parts of Washington State and in particular Methow Valley, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and North Cascades National Park. Do not rush to leave here and go to blue green lakes, scenic hiking trails that will take you to the beautiful snowy peaks.

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, active volcano - last eruption in 1980. The lava from the volcano causes great damage to the national park that today's date is restored completely. In the visitors' center has a lot of interesting information, photos and films about the park before and after the disaster. In fact the mountains in Washington state are nice and easy to climb even by amateur mountaineers without climbing equipment.

Such destinations offers Mount Adams, Glaier Peak and others. Snoqualmie Falls, is 82 meters high and after rain or melting snow is extremely deep. Forming a large curtain suitable photo album or Wallpaper Mural. Here was filmed cult film Twin Peaks and therefore one and a half million tourists each year visit this landmark in Washington.

Capital of the state of Washington Seattle is a city and the largest city landmark in our opinion lake Union. Freshwater lake, which is located in the heart of the city, ideal for boating and to make panoramic photos of Seattle from the water.

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