The most visited landmarks in Tuvalu

The most important tourist landmarks in Tuvalu are some beautiful atolls in the Pacific. This little scattered in the ocean side was formerly known as the islands Ellice - the name of the English explorer discovered some islands. Tuvalu is a country thousands of miles away from the nearest continent.

According to maps Tuvalu belongs to Polynesia. The country is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean near Fiji and Samoa. Republic of Tuvalu is a scattered at a distance of five atolls and four reef islands with a total area of 26 km2. Because of rising sea levels Tuvalu is threatened by a slow extinction.

Incidentally attractions such issues in Kiribati. The proximity of the Equator and the ocean currents determine two seasons - dry and rainy. From March to November is the dry and the rest of rainy weather with average annual rainfall of 2500-3500 mm.

Population live on fishing and banana, cocoa and pineapple. Tourism is underdeveloped. The reason for this is the remoteness of the islands and the great competition of Fiji attractions and attractions in Samoa. Bookmark and Share

Landmarks in Tuvalu photo gallery

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The most beautiful landmarks in Tuvalu

Only 7000 tourists visit Tuva year. Primary means of moving people between islands canoe.

Tuvalu relies heavily on foreign aid, on the one hand helps people with food, water and medicine, but the packaging has nowhere to throw and a big problem for environmental protection.

The nature of the islands is very fragile and dependent people. In recent years, the local population is forced to feed, by making souvenirs from shells, coral and other seafood.

Natural landmarks in Tuvalu

Thus affecting the already fragile balance of nature. The most interesting landmarks in Tuvalu, which may attract tourists are scuba diving and spear fishing, sailing all sports on the island of Funafuti.

It is good to carry their own equipment because the island has a shortage of such equipment, where there is quite expensive. However, you can make great pictures of nature in Tuvalu or to tour the islands by boat.

Problem to swim around the islands are big tides, in contrast, in the shallow lagoons is relatively safe. Vacation ideas Tuvalu are limited.

There are several protected area around Tuvalu. Funafuti Area - protected marine park, which consists of 6 small islands, home to many tropical fish and poultry.

You have the option fee to rent a motorboat in this beautiful park. About Niulakita can experience the beautiful white beaches with rich flora and fauna diversity in the nearby reef. Our virtual tour ends at the outermost island of Nui. A small lagoon, a few palm trees that grow quiet lonely beaches.

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