The most important landmarks in Tennessee

Landmarks in Tennessee is located in eastern North America between US states: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi to the south, Arkansas and Missouri to the west, Kentucky and Virginia to the north and North Carolina to the east.

We start with the natural attractions in Tennessee and the first of them is Rock City in Lookout Mountain. This is a hill with a beautiful waterfall 43 meters between the US states of Georgia and Tennessee. Since this part of North America is plain, Rock City in Lookout Mountain on a clear day can be seen from five US states.

The place is suitable for panoramic photos in all directions. In the same mountain is a cave waterfall Ruby Falls with 145 meters height. For greater effect of Ruby Falls installed colored lights (see pictures in the gallery of landmarks in Tennessee). Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in Tennessee

In southeastern Tennessee is Memphis. You can visit the largest private collection in the world connected with the legendary singer Elvis Presley. Most visited landmark in Tennessee is Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The park has over 800 km of well-maintained hiking trails, stroking the plant and animal world. Great Smoky Mountains National Park covers the southern Appalachian Mountains. Here you can camping, enjoy popular for most Americans fishing and hunting. If you are lucky, you may see in the park bears, deer and elk.

Another interesting destination in Tennessee is Big South Fork of the Cumberland River and its tributaries. The park offers many opportunities for recreation and tourism.

Historical landmarks in Tennessee

Picturesque gorges, sandy shores of the river and dense pristine deciduous forests, these are only a small part of what awaits you if you visit this interesting place. Another interesting destination that is a mix of nature and history is Shiloh National Military Park. Besides nature walks, visitors can learn about the key to America's Civil War - the Battle of Shiloh in 1862.

Periodically during the summer to make reproductions of the fighting, and at other times you can see a rich collection of weapons and ammunition. The last landmark, which will stop your attention is Chickasaw National Wildlife Refuge. The park covers a large territory deciduous forests in the lower reaches of the Mississippi River. During the summer months you can see a large number of migratory birds in the Mississippi River and interior Open Lake.

Tourist landmarks in Tennessee and in particular those made by man will show in our next article. You can only mention them: Pink Palace Museum and Planetarium in Memphis, Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville, Memphis Botanic Garden and others.

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