Natural landmarks in Swaziland

Landmarks in Swaziland offer a wide variety of fabulous landscapes of mountains in the northeast, to savannah and tropical forest to the west. There are several deep rivers that pass through Swaziland, which are used for transport routes.

The largest city in the country's capital, Mbabane with a population of almost 100,000 people. International tourism is underdeveloped and perhaps for this reason that nature is well preserved. There are several nature reserves where you can find rare plant and animal species typical of East Africa.

The most important person in the country is the King. For example, he has the most women and the choice of a king is in accordance with the desire of the queen mother. Besides the lead in this small country, the King participated in several ceremonies and rituals.

Aside from the lack of empty in Swaziland everything as natural attractions have them all together for the continent of Africa. To landmarks in Swaziland include at several protected areas and nature reserves. Bookmark and Share

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The most interesting landmarks in Swaziland

Mololotja National Park is located in the northwestern part of the country's largest protected areas. Here is the most beautiful waterfall 90 meters high Mololotja.National Reserve Mlawula our next stop on our walks landmarks in Swaziland. Small park in northeastern Swaziland, including several ecological zones and Ndzindza plateau and valley Siphiso.

Near Reserve Mlawula Mbuluzi are protected areas and nature reserves and Simunye Hlane Wildlife Sanctuary. The territory of Swaziland are the oldest mines in the world, and near them are preserved rock paintings of 4000 years in the caves Nsangwini Rock Shelter.

There is an area 8 km long river gorge Usuthu Maputo adapted for extreme rafting experience. Besides rafting offers walking and monitoring of rare species of plants and animals in this beautiful area.

The most visited landmarks in Swaziland

Ideal for spending an initial tour in the wild in Swaziland is a reserve Mkhaya. This is extremely rare animal species - white rhino. In the past, hunted to extinction for its horn, which according to legend, if pulverized and put in food improves male potency.

Furthermore, the animal can see antelope, elephants, giraffes hippos in the rivers, birds and many others. Tourists interest is the second largest rock monolith in the world - Sibebe Rock. Is 800 meters high and consists of granite and is approximately 3 billion years.

For lovers of hunting tourism can say that Swaziland has large game reserves. Near these places has thermal springs and well maintained small hotels and lodges for accommodation where visitors and hunters can comfortably relax.

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