Most interesting landmarks in South Ossetia

As we write for landmarks in South Ossetia must know that they are an integral part of the landmarks in Georgia. The reason for this specification is less historical and territorial dependence of South Ossetia from Georgia.

Historical perspective of this region shows that the territory of the two countries in the past was part of the Russian Federation. These former socialist countries in 1990 were ruled by the Soviet Union. South Ossetia around 3900 km ² and occupies the northern part of Georgia.

Only proclaimed Republic is partially recognized by several countries, including Russia. Population is under 100,000 people, most of them have left their homes because of war in this military district. The climate is continental with cold winters and hot summers.

South Ossetia is a mountainous country with an average altitude of 1000 meters and occupies the southern slopes of the Great Caucasus mountain range. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in South Ossetia

Is the capital Tskhinvali - a small town with 30,000 people. Natural attractions in South Ossetia can mention the beautiful mountain lake Kelistba. Located 2925 meters above sea level on a plateau Celtic.

From this stems the river Xanthi. The country will soon appear on the tourist map of the world, once normalized political and military situation.

Mountains of South Caucasus offer a large number hiking, both in winter and summer. Is it dangerous in South Ossetia?

The most visited landmarks in South Ossetia

Answer is a resounding No. Crime is times smaller than in Moscow. No minefields, life is quiet and only the notoriety of this region prevents the mass tourism.

There are several day trips along the ridge of the Caucasus, through volcanic ridges, mountain villages above 2000 meters and spas in Narzan. Will try organic food, you will enjoy the Russian tundra and alpine vegetation.

In other words, you will escape a few days of the urban environment, away from civilization and Internet communications. Everything here is completely natural. What are the most interesting sights in South Ossetia.

Ancient temples of ancient civilizations, the unique culture of the people of South Ossetia and local cuisine and traditions.

From historical monuments best preserved medieval fortress Ksani - area Mukhrani.

Ksani Fortress was built in the 16th century confluence of the rivers Mtkvari and Ksani. The purpose of this fortress to protect the area from foreign invaders.

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