The most important landmarks in South Dakota

Landmarks in South Dakota are not the most popular in the US, except perhaps Mount Rushmore. This memorial is carved in the cliff hills of the Black Hills. Presented are the images of the four most famous US presidents - Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis monument is to attract more tourists in South Dakota. About 3 million visitors each year to enjoy these landmarks in US history sculptures. More interesting places to visit are the natural landmarks in South Dakota and in particular national parks and reserves.

Such attraction in this region of the state is the National Park Badlands National Park. Located in the southwestern part of South Dakota, the landscape is unique and reminiscent of a lunar landscape. The rock formations are eroded hills with jutting peaks. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in South Dakota

There are several specially built platforms for Panorama Park Badlands National Park and of course interesting hiking trails. It is recommended to visit in spring or autumn. Nearby is another park Custer in the Black Hills mountain.

Tourists visit this enchanting place will impress the greenery of the park and rich wildlife. There is also a monument Crazy Horse Memorial, which has not yet been completed due to financial reasons, but the interest is huge. If you want to spend your weekend with your family will draw your attention to Lake Sylvan.

This beautiful lake is located in the Black Hills. About Sylvan Lake has several hiking trails, including the ascent of Mount Harney.

There is also rock climbing and boat rentals. Equally beautiful are Lake Alvin, Lake Sheridan Lake and McCook. One of the few waterfalls in South Dakota is a waterfall on the River Big Sioux. As height waterfall is small, but in this case more interesting is how Americans cultivated it as a park for a walk.

Historic landmarks in South Dakota

Since 2000 has a path for biking George Mickelson Trail. The total length is 110 km, the route passes through pine forests, jagged rocks above the road, railways, bridges over rivers and tunnels. Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns - limestone cave, which is located 18 km from the city of Rapid City.

If you walk into the cave you will see a perfect combination of crystals on the ceiling of the cave, a well-preserved ice for hundreds of years, the cave river and other known cave formations - stalactites and stalagmiti.I latest attractions in South Dakota that will be discussed is Bear Butte.

State Park from 1961, in which the most interesting geological object is a hill in the past served as a religious place of Indians. This mountain is sacred to the Cheyenne, who uttered their prayers from back. There have left gifts and tobacco leaves as a sign of respect for their ancestors.

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