Tourist landmarks in Somalia

The most important landmarks in Somalia hardly anyone would now like to see them because of the political and economic situation in the impoverished African country.

Can boldly assert that it is the poorest country not only the continent of Africa, but worldwide. While the country has exceptional historical sites, virtually no one can see them. Strategic position in the Gulf of Aden and Somali piracy pirates known worldwide.

The lack of legitimate government and state institutions makes it impossible any journey by foreign tourists. In the past, Somalia was divided into two colonies - Italian Somalia and British Somalia.

For this reason, some cities and regions will meet with Italian and English names, which should not surprise you. Somalia is divided into clans and virtually complete anarchy reigns. Still good on paper to know what are the most important landmarks in Somalia that exist in these lands.

It's no secret that these places thousands of years ago was seething life. Literally everywhere you can find prehistoric human activity. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in Somalia

In Somalia, the best preserved cave paintings and mysterious characters, which still have not been solved by scientists.

This is the best collection of cave art in the world. Dhambalin - Togdheer - rock paintings made between 5000 - 3000 BC. Chr.

And show cattle, sheep, giraffes and pastor, hunters with bows and more. This is testimony to the communities inhabiting Somalia during different periods of development.

These caves have in Laas Gaal, Jilib Rihin and Haadh, Karin Heegan. The list of the remains of ancient cities is very long. There are ruins and walls before the medieval period. Abasa, Elaayo, Ras Hafun, Maydh - these are cities with numerous architectural monuments, tombs of kings and ceramics from the Middle East. The capital city of Somalia is Mogadishu. The old town is quite interesting.

Historical landmarks in Somalia

It is a port city founded around the first century AD Can still see the old buildings which were by the sea on the beachfront. Almnara Tower - tower built around the 15th century, located in the center of Almnara Tower, serves as a lighthouse.

Botiala Fortress - a stronghold of the port city Botiala. Remains of Islam is: Mosque Fakr ad-Din in Banaadir. One of the oldest mosques in Somalia built in 1269. Is the oldest mosque in Arba Rukun Banaadir. The round tower is 13.5 meters high built entirely of coral stone.

Natural attractions in Somalia also arouse astonishment among natural defense. Can still see the rainforest in the south, and several waterfalls. Iskushuban Falls and Lama Daye - beautiful but nepalnovodni waterfalls in the Cal Madow mountains of northern Somalia. In the mountains Cal Madow can see fragrant trees and endemic animals.

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