Major tourist landmarks in Palestine

As we begin to describe the most visited landmarks in Palestine, we must consider the fact that they are also present and the attractions in Israel. This land has a lot of history, which is disputed by both Jews and Arabs. Here are the foundations of the three religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

These are the sacred places of people from around the world for thousands of years led wars for them. City of Jerusalem is the most important of all nations professing these three religions. A relatively small area are concentrated the most important and most visited landmarks in Palestine and Israel: The Mosque Al-Aqsa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock, the Church of the Nativity and the Western Wall.

A central part of our walk among landmarks in Palestine iconic city of Jericho. A few years ago celebrated the 10,000 years since the founding of the city. Here is the oldest synagogue in the world Wadi Qelt Synagogue. Hisham Palace - built between 743-744 AD, had a great decoration of mosaics and painted half-naked women, which is quite rare for the Muslim religion.

In Jericho there are remains of Byzantine - synagogue Shalom Al Yisrael. No need to hide that the most popular landmarks in Palestine temptation Monastery near Jericho. Bookmark and Share

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Historic landmarks in Palestine

The first buildings of this rock monastery is in the sixth century AD According to the Bible say Jesus was standing here for 40 days in prayer and fasting before God. Another disputed territory between Palestinians and Israelis is famous Strip. Here was located the ancient city Anthedon of which still remains. In the past 2800 years ago was an important Hellenistic harbor surrounded by walls.

Tell es-Sakan - an ancient Egyptian village which currently can only be seen remains of the fortress wall. Church of Saint Porphyrius - built in 5th century AD and rebuilt and enlarged by the Crusaders during the 1150-1160 year. Tell Umm Amer - Here you can see beautiful mosaics in the oldest monastery complex in the world.

The latest landmark in Gaza is the Great Mosque. Was originally Philistine temple, then transformed into a Byzantine church in the early 5th century, three times destroyed and rebuilt, the current form of the Great Mosque of Gaza from the late 16th century.

The territory of Palestine has ruins of many cities. For example, in Samaria, which was briefly the capital of the Israelite kingdom and quite mentioned in the Bible there are several old town even Bronze Age - Nablus, Tell Balata.

In Nablus can feel more history than any other city in Palestine. Here are the Great Mosque of Nablus, Nabi Yahya Mosque and Mount Gerizim Samaritan Temple - secret places for the inhabitants of Samaria from 5-6 century BC Ancient inhabitants of Palestine had quite a lot of knowledge in the construction of tunnels for water, long before the Romans built aqueducts and sewers, and the Roman baths. For example, there is evidence that activity - water tunnels Belameh aqueduct in Jenin, Hezekiah's Tunnel in Jerusalem, Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem also, Solomon's Pool near Bethlehem and others.

Of course this can not see it for a brief ten-day trip to Palestine and Israel, and our advice is better to decide where to walk, because of the risk to attend the unrest in these areas. Be careful.

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