10 Experience in Marseille France

Landmarks in Marseille France is a large French Mediterranean city famous for its football team, the movie Taxi, the Count of Monte Cristo and for its crime and the large Moroccan population (so we had little fear walking around the small narrow and dirty streets inhabited only by Arabs and " African-French. "

More important landmarks are the old port and lighthouse, the Notre-Dame de la grade basilica (161 meters above the city on the highest point in Marseille, with a gilded statue of the Virgin Mary), La Vieille Charité, Hotel-Dieu de Marseille (former hospital) from the 16th century to the old port), the City Hall building, St.Victor Abbey - with church and crypt with relics and Sainte-Marie-Majeure Cathedral.

Most of the sites are located around the old port and the only one not far away is the Notre-Dame de la grade basilica with a gilded statue of the Virgin Mary. It is located on a hill above Marseille and is reached by very narrow and steep streets. Be sure to try the delicious food of this Mediterranean city and explore the other landmarks in France. Bookmark and Share

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The best landmarks in Marseille France

The view from above to the city, the harbor and the neighboring islands (including Ifle Island) is remarkable. La Vieille Charité - is a building built in the 17th century as a shelter for poor and homeless people who were hit by homeless people, reaching up to 1,000 people.

Later, with the abolition of the persecution of the homeless, it dropped to 250. In the early 20's, the building housed a foreign legion, and now houses museums, exhibition halls and a library. It is very close to Sainte-Marie-Majeure Cathedral, which is very impressive and barely is being captured. It is a cathedral consisting of two churches located next to each other.

The newer of the two churches was designed by the architects Voduaye and Esperandio, and its construction began in 1852. The building is Byzantine-style, with Kalisan stone, Florentine marble, onyx and more. It is rich with Venetian mosaics. The size of the cathedral is also impressive.

The central part is 20 m wide and 142 m long. The diameter of the dome is 17.70 m. Immediately next to this impressive cathedral is the oldest church in Marseille - De La Major. It is Romanesque style. It has been plundered many times over the centuries and has been rebuilt again.

From there, one of the forts guarding the harbor entrance is reached by the City Hall and Hotel-Dieu de Marseille. The Hotel-Dieu de Marseille is an ancient hospital operating from 1583 until 2006. From 2013, when Marseille was the European Capital of Culture, it was a luxury 4 star hotel from the INTERCONTINENTAL chain.

The abbey of St. Victor originates from a monastery founded in 415 by St. John Cassian (who is a native of Dobrudzha now in Romania), and the present church was built on the 11th to 14th century on the old crypt (which exists and is open for visitation) and It was renovated in the 17th century with some beautiful and valuable paintings, icons and carvings.

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