The most important landmarks in Iowa State

Landmarks in Iowa State sometimes called "American Heartland". The reason for this lies in the interesting natural formations, which are located between the Mississippi River and the Missouri River. Capital and largest city is Des Moines.

Since the state is located in the mainland of North America, the climate is harsh continental with sudden changes in temperature. Natural phenomenon tornado is common, about 40 pieces primarily during the spring and summer months. We start our virtual tour with natural attractions in Iowa State and in particular Pikes peak state park. Small park located in the upper reaches of the Mississippi River and the confluence of the Wisconsin River. At Pikes peak state park can ride mountain bikes, there are several hiking trails, camping and entertainment vehicles. The best place for panoramic photos of the park is Zebulon Pike. Bookmark and Share

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Top 10 landmarks in Iowa State

Iowa Great Lakes, several natural glacial lakes in the northwestern part of the state. On maps you may encounter name Okoboji. This is the generic name of the three largest lakes in Iowa - Spirit Lake, West Okoboji Lake, and East Okoboji Lake. In the area of lakes has several resorts that offer many amenities to the people who visit this interesting place for fishing.

Mines of Spain, recreational area near Dubuque, eastern Iowa. Great place for a picnic in the summer and comfortable place for skiing in winter. Here is also a historical landmark - Julien Dubuque. Ledges State Park, a small park south of the city of Boone.

There are oak and beech trees and several miles hiking trails for walking tourists. It is possible to drive a boat after a walk through the sand into the deep gorge Des Moines River.

The most interesting landmarks in Iowa State

Coralville Lake, this is an artificial lake built in 1958 on the river Iowa. The main purpose is to control water and avoid flooding. The dam is used for recreation and entertainment of the people living in nearby villages. Historic landmarks in Iowa State have a lot but the most important are:

Iowa State Capitol, a building with many features - the Senate of the State meet here, the Governor has offices and of course the House of Representatives. Grotto of the Redemption, interesting cultural represents nine caves of stone, covered with precious crystals depicting various biblical scenes.

For 42 years, Father Paul Dobberstein sculpt those rocks to thank the Virgin Mary for healing. Over 100,000 tourists visit this place every year. What do the people for their faith right? If you spend a little time and you want visit the most interesting tourist attractions in Illinois.

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