Most interesting landmarks in Indiana

Landmarks in Indiana are located in the US Midwest, north to Lake Michigan, east to Ohio, south sights in Kentucky and in particular those in the Ohio River and west Illinois. Relief of Indiana is flat and hilly with an average height of about 200 meters.

If you look at satellite Indiana, will make an impression of how it is distributed land territory. The population is distributed quite skillfully land that is very fertile and only some sections remained not affected. It is for this reason are few natural landmarks in Indiana. There are several large lakes that deserve to be mentioned in this article. First lake Monroe, beautiful artificial lake built in 1960 - 1965 year. Used as a water reservoir and fishing, but also for outdoor recreation of the population of the city of Bloomington.Such natural attraction is Lake Patoka. Located in the southern part of Indiana, the second largest lake in the state after lake Monroe. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in Indiana

Patoka Lake is a favorite spot for photographers, because there are many migratory birds and beautiful shores covered with forests. Around the lake there are several preferred recreational activities such as ice fishing in the winter, cross-country skiing, hiking and cycling.

Forrt Harrison state park, located in the capital of Indiana, Indianapolis city. The park is located on the site of former military structures, there are three hiking trails, an asphalt-paved bicycle and a horse riding.

Brown County State Park, the largest and most visited park in the state of Indiana. There are several trails for hiking, horseback riding and biking. Also has two beautiful lakes and a wide variety of plants and animals. National Park Brown County in the summer attracts many photographers and artists. We continue the historic landmarks in Indiana.

World War Memorial Plaza, is a monument resembles a museum in Halicarnassus and before it high obelisk in memory of the fallen of the world wars. Soldier and Sailors Monument, a beautiful neoclassical monument in downtown Indianapolis - a true work of art. It was built early last century in memory of the fallen heroes of the Civil War in America and the Spanish - American War.

Indiana Central Canal, a work of engineering thought. Some of the objectives for the construction of this channel has not been implemented because of financial difficulties, but one thing is clear. Indiana Central Canal used to walk in the hot summer months in the capital and solve some of the water priorities of the city.

We finish our virtual tour with Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the most important sporting event in the state. Track gathers over 257,000 viewers with a potential for 400 000 and has a length of 4.192 km.

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