Tourist landmarks in Germany

In this article we will present seven of the most interesting landmarks in Germany. Germany is made of 16 different states and each state has its unique culture and history. Thanks to its vast history, country has some great landmarks. These landmarks alone attract majority of visitors every year.

Brandenburg Gate - An 18th century neoclassical arch, Brandenburg Gate, is well known landmark of Germany. Structure is built on site that once has city gate leading from Berlin to Brandenburg a der Havel. Carl Gotthard Langhns built the gate from 1788 to 1791.

However, in World War II site suffered great amount of damage and it was restored in 2000 to 2002. The gate is considered as a symbol of disturbing history of Germany and Europe. Bookmark and Share

Pergamon Museum- Museum features religious artefacts from all around the world. Ludwig Hoffmann and Alfred Messel built it during 1910 to 1930. Museum has three department classical Antiquities, Islamic Arts and the Sculpture Wing.

Zeus Altar is one of the most popular antique, which attracts visitors. Moreover, there are impressive paintings and artefacts from Persia and Babylonia.

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Berchtesgaden - small town in German Bavarian Alps, is located between 500, to 1,100 meters altitude surrounded by Unterberg Mountains. Berchtesgaden is famous for its Nazi history with Kehlesteinhaus or popularly known as Eagle's nest. Eagle's nest was a gift to Hitler on his 50th birthday. Konigsee, Jenner Mountain and Rossfeld are other major attraction in the town.

Alte Pinakothek - Alte Pinakothek is one of the oldest gallery in the world. William the fourth started the museum's collection and since then museum has witness great modern art paintings. The gallery contains works from different countries. Many famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Francesco Guardia have their paintings in the gallery.

Cologne Cathedral - Cologne Cathedral is gothic style cathedral dedicated to Virgin Mary and Saint Peter. UNESCO has declared it the World Heritage Site. Cathedral was built in 4th century on the site of a Roman Temple. However, it was burnt on 1248 AD and renovation after that shaped the architecture of present cathedral. In addition, it has the bones and clothes of the Three Wise man or the three kings who visited Jesus Christ after the birth.

Dresden Frauenkirche -Dresden Frauenkirche, popularly known as Church of Our Lady, is a protestant cathedral made by Fredrick August I. Church was built in 1760. Striking feature is its dome that can be compared to St Peters Basilica in Rome. Over the years, the structure has seen many attacks but somehow it managed to survive. Today, it stands as the example in the field of construction.

Reichstag Building - Reichstag Building, Germany's first parliament building and it remained important until 1933, when it caught fire, damaging it severely. The building was reconstructed by Norman foster in 1999 and was named Bundestag. Today, it serves as the meeting place for German Parliament.

Germany's history lends it an amazing heritage of architecture. Germany values its heritage and does take extra steps to preserve it. Even travelers from all around visit, just to experience amazing architecture and history attached to it.

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