Main landmarks in France

Without sounding exaggerated landmarks in France thousands. The country is situated in Western Europe between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Has common borders with many European countries, and the economic stability and high standard of living are among the first in the world. We start our virtual tour of landmarks in France. Great waterfalls cascade de Gavarnie - located in southern France near the border with Spain. Water comes from 422 meters, and the highest single drop is 281 meters. Most beautiful in spring when the snow melts from the slopes.

Easily accessible, pleasant for walking and observation. On a clear day the photos are great. Stroll through the beautiful canyon Verdon Gorge. Here you can practice climbing, cycling or boating. The depth of the canyon reaches 700 meters and a length of 25 km. Another interesting natural phenomenon is the largest spring in France - Fontaine-de-Vaucluse. Water comes in a 230 m scale, the highest rate of the spring is in the spring. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in France

Himself scientist Jacques-Yves Cousteau trying to understand the origin of the water, but without success. The bottom of the spring is located at a depth of 300 m, which is established by a robot. Visit the French Alps and climb the highest peak Mont Blanc. The route from the French side is relatively easy, although there are many dangerous places in chutes and glaciers at the foot of the peak. Even if you fail in this endeavor, at least you will enjoy the beautiful alpine scenery, beautiful towns and beautiful mountain scenery.

There are several architectural landmarks in France by the Roman Empire. These are the Arena of Nimes - a well-preserved Roman amphitheater built about 70 years after Christ. The largest and best preserved in France.

Maison Carree, Nimes - Roman temple, later converted into a Christian church, and now a museum. Pont du Gard - impressive aqueduct over the River Gard. Its length is 274 meters and height 49 meters. Construction began in the first century BC and is one over the other three arches.

Construction of the aqueduct is very precise. There is no mortar that fills the gaps between the stones because they fit very well, without losing water. In medieval Pont du Gard is used as a bridge, and is now one of the biggest monuments of architecture. Most landmarks in France is Paris in the capital because of the rich history of this great city.

If you want to spend your holiday in the Alps, it is good to know that the most convenient starting point is the city of Grenoble and the world famous ski resorts of Chamonix and Val Dizer. It is better to walk in French castles and fortresses along the Loire or summer family vacation on the French Riviera. Here the most famous resorts are Nice, Marseille, Cannes and Saint Tropez. France is visited annually about 70 million tourists and for good reason?

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