Tourist landmarks in Burkina Faso

Landmarks in Burkina Faso in no way inferior to the landmarks in Mali or the tourist attractions in Ivory Coast, appearing limit of this beautiful African country.

State Burkina Faso stands quite isolated in this part of the world as landlocked, mountainous terrain is hilly with an average altitude of 450 meters. Extremely poor country rely heavily on foreign aid from food and medicine to survive.

Feeding the population from agriculture - are produced peanuts, maize and rice are also grown cattle, sheep and cattle. Tourism is underdeveloped and there are many opportunities in this direction. Interest to tourists is a meat tribal culture and lifestyle of the population. The climate can divide it into two periods.

Rain that lasts 3-4 months dry period during the rest of the year. Large impact on the climate has proximity to the Sahara Desert where the spirit dry wind.

This part of Burkina Faso is tropical savanna. Major landmarks in Burkina Faso are related to its nature, two national parks, the shallow lake Tengrela, where you can see hippos and crocodiles rarely. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in Burkina Faso

There are interesting limestone rock formations called Fabedougou Domes, located very close to each other. They are easy to climb - perfect for beautiful pictures of nature in Burkina Faso. Such spectacular sandstone cliffs are Sindou Peaks suitable for nature photography in Burkina Faso.

Our excursion continues to the cascade of waterfalls Tengrela Falls - Karfiguela Falls and Banfora Falls. The total height is about 50 meters and below each waterfall is a place for bathing.

Historical landmarks in Burkina Faso are abandoned fortified cities in which there are shrines and tombs of ancient deities. Remains of a fortified settlement Loropeni ruins you can see, which is surrounded by a stone wall.

This city has been inhabited for between 11 and 19 century AD. In the past, these lands was seething life, because there was a lot of gold and ivory, which was traded very well.

Evidence of ancient civilizations in these lands are petroglyphs found in Maadaga, Markoye and PobeMengao. According to archaeologists, these archaeological sites dating between 7th and 12th century AD. Very interesting for visitors in Burkina Faso in the necropolis Bourzanga.

Represents 109 large earthen jars made by the Dogon in which plopped deceased noble people. This kind has sanctuaries in Kampti and Obire.

Group small caves Douna caves sacred to people, unfortunately do not allow tourists to them. Evidence of the Muslim religion has a well-preserved and functioning until now mosques. Bobo Dioulasso Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the Sudano-Sahelian style.

Such mosques with smaller dimensions is in Bani. Impressed rich interior decoration of mosques, not characteristic of the Muslim religion.

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