Major tourist landmarks in Abkhazia

Landmarks in Abkhazia and landmarks in South Ossetia are relatively new to the world. We can say that in the past were known as the main landmarks in Georgia.

Capital of Abkhazia Sukhumi, the relief is hilly-mountain except the areas around the Black Sea. Border between Abkhazia and Russia are the mountain ridges of the mountain Great Caucasus. It is these mountains stop in the winter cold winds coming from Siberia and made milder climate in this former Soviet republic.

Abkhazia can boast that a significant part of the territory is covered with deciduous and coniferous trees - oak, hornbeam, fir, spruce and beech.

North at an altitude of more than 2,800 snow is practically constant. From historical landmarks in Abkhazia can start with Novoafonsky monastery. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in Abkhazia

Located northwest of the capital Sukhumi, on a hill above the sea. The complex includes a total of five churches, the largest of which is the church of St. Andrew. While in the center there is a church st. Panteleimon.

So I can easily combine a beach holiday with an evening walk in the cloister. Natural attractions in Abkhazia can classify all the lakes, the most beautiful among them is Ritsa lake.

This tectonic lake is 950 meters above sea level, very beautiful lake with very clear water. It can be reached by a path that passes through beautiful mountain landscapes, gorges and canyons.

If you continue up the river will reach another beautiful lake Mzi - 2150 m.

It is located near the Russian border, and even during the summer part of the lake remains Mzi snow. There is a very beautiful waterfall where the water literally goes out the rocks - Gegskij waterfall.

It can be reached on foot by car or bicycle. There are many hiking trails in the mountains of the Great Caucasus, which is a favorite place for nature walks. There are many places where you can put tents and spend a wonderful weekend in this beautiful country.

The most popular vacation spot in the Black Sea resort of Gagra Abkhazia. In the past here rested the Russian Empire and Russian power comes when even Stalin himself has visited this paradise.

Our stroll among the most popular attractions in Abkhazia will be completed in the capital Sukhumi. There are several interesting places to consider, one of which is dramatic theater "Chanba." Do not miss Sukhumi botanical garden and Sukhumi jetty.

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