Landmarks in Guyana, which worth to visit

In the northern part of South America is a little-known country, but with very beautiful scenery , which makes the population very great care - these are just some of the landmarks in Guyana. Tropical vegetation is covering the vast territory of the country and only 8.5% is covered with water.

The successful restoration and conservation of the flora and fauna of Guyana in 2012 , the country receives funds with which to operate successfully. Two facts stand Guiana other countries in South America - this is the official language is English and the country belongs to the Caribbean , although the area is on the mainland.

There is an landmarks in Guyana, which is different from other sites in Guyana, notably Kaieteur Falls . Bookmark and Share

Extremely copious Falls , the largest waterfall with a single jet in the world. Kaieteur Falls is 225 meters high , located in western Guyana , near the border with Venezuela , little visited by tourists because of difficult access jungle terrain and remoteness from the capital Georgetown. It is 5 times higher than Niagara Falls and 2 times deep.

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Top 10 landmarks in Guyana

At certain times of the year even reached 1260 cubic meters per second of water. The climate is equatorial with an average temperature of 27 ° C, there are two wet seasons ( May-June ) and ( December-January ) .

Other landmarks in Guyana are mountainous areas . Highest peaks are 2,000 meters in three mountain ranges - Ayanganna, Caburaí and Roraima.

In Guyana , there are four major rivers that are deep in different periods of the year. These are the Essequibo River 1,010 km , 725 km Courantyne River , Berbice at 595 km and 346 km in Demerara . In the Yangtze River Essequibo are several large islands form in which to breed rare species of animals and reptiles ( turtles) .

The small population nearly 1 million people for such a large area is good for the protection of flora and fauna . In Guyana have specified three protected area by UNESCO . These are the Kaieteur National Park , Shell Beach and the historic capital of Georgetown. Another attraction in Guyana 's Anglican Cathedral St George - one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world after the Todaiji Temple in Japan. International tourism is underdeveloped along no big resorts .

The reason for this is the low side , the big tides and adverse sandy beaches. Investments in resorts are small , as competition in the region of the Caribbean is very large , the infrastructure is poorly developed , almost no minerals . Guyana is poor in fresh water and 80 % of the area is a protected area .

These are just some of the problems of this poor country that has inside its equatorial forests around 8,000 species of plants , 1,600 species of birds, 1,100 species of vertebrates , ie rich biodiversity - the highest in the whole of South America. For these reasons Guyana is a permanent member of various environmental organizations and a host of similar conferences.

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