Incredible vacation in landmarks of Berlin

For  landmarks of Berlin can be written much and of course all good things, a city with a rich history, a center of culture, politics, science and sports.

Located in northeastern Germany, capital of the most visited destination in the most developed countries of the European Union. Landmark of Berlin are a magnet for tourists from around the world and for that reason you will write a short in the most important of them.

The first place is Brandenburg Gate, one of the emblems of Berlin, something like one of the attractions of Paris - Arc de Triomphe. Front of it occurred quite interesting events in the history of Germany. The Brandenburg Gate is 26 m high and 66 m wide. During the Cold War was blocked and it was not possible to pass freely beneath it.

Reichstag building is the next landmarks in Berlin. Houses the German parliament called Bundestag, and the name Reichstag refers to the building. An engraved message on the main facade with the words "of the German people." This inscription was a lot of discussion at that time and did not particularly like the kaiser.

Bellevue Palace - located in the Tiergarten park and the residence of the German President.Bookmark and Share

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Bellevue Palace in Berlin
Wall in Berlin
Brandenburg Gate Berlin
Gendarmenmarkt attractions in Berlin
Marienkirche Berlin Church
Pergamon Museum in Berlin
Pfaueninsel Castle in Berlin
Bundestag in Berlin
Victory Column sights in Berlin
panorama charlottenburg palace in Berlin

Top 10 landmarks of Berlin

Built in 1786 in the style of neo-classicism of the Prussian Prince Ferdinand. Main building has two floors main entrance is decorated with columns in the Corinthian style.

The facade is decorated with scenes of hunting and farming. The two side wings are named Winger Spree and winger ladies. During World War II a large part of the building was destroyed and then rebuilt.

Berlin Wall - Berlin divided into East and West, a symbol of the division between the then two worlds. Construction began in 1962 until 1975. Constantly rebuilt and modernized to serve as a barrier to escape from the Communist regime in East Germany. Total 45,000 concrete blocks with dimensions height 3.6 meters to 1.5 meters, rounded at the top have stopped people overcome it. Hundreds have died here in an attempt to jump. Another landmark of Berlin 's medieval Marienkirche Church .

Built in the early 13th century , the oldest church in Berlin. Striking is the red color of the building infect bricks are red, which echo the red color of the building closest to the town hall . Here is an ominous mural called "Dance of Death" restored in 1950 and probably painted during the plague in the city. Another interesting monument worth visiting is Charlottenburg palace. In the past it was the residence of Prussian kings with 400 years of history. Now mainly used for classical concerts because of its good acoustics. The building is an early Baroque style, and visitors most interested in a reception hall . Under the huge arches with carvings has a wonderful collection of Chinese porcelain . Here are the other landmarks of Berlin, which we will only mention are:

German Cathedral on Gendarmenmarkt Square, Fountain Nepthunbrunnen, Pergamon Museum, Pfaueninsel Castle, Church of St. Nicholas and others. Treat yourself to a vacation week and enjoy the architectural splendor of this beautiful German city and its remarkable monuments.

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