The most beautiful lakes in Grand Teton National Park

The lakes in Grand Teton National Park located in northwestern Wyoming and covers an area of ​​approximately 130,000 hectares.

At its founding in 1929, he had covered only the main peaks of the Teton mountain range and six glacial lakes at the foot of the mountain. In the following decades, the park was expanded to its current size and now includes more lakes.

Besides being numerous, they are also quite different from one another. Some of them are small alpine lakes that do not see the bottom. Jackson did is one of the largest and deepest mountain lakes all over the United States.

Lake Holly. His greenish waters are surrounded by cliffs, over which rise even higher mountains. The lake can be yours for a day trip, it is possible to stay here to camp for the night. Bookmark and Share

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Natural beauty in Grand Teton National Park

You could also turn on Holly as a stop on a longer route.

Lake Solitude undoubtedly ranks among the most popular lakes in the national park. For this, of course, good reason.

At sunset Grand Teton peaks, Tiuinot and Owen cast a reflection in the waters of the lake.

Bradley Lake and Taggert were two of six total number of lakes that originally entered the boundaries of the national park.

Although now "Grand Teton" covers and other lakes still have to visit those two as the main reasons for this is that walkways to them are one of the shortest and equal across the park. Taggert is located south of Bradley. Bradley did a smaller lake that attracts quite a few visitors.

String Lake. Those visitors who want to swim, ride a kayak or canoe, or to practice paddling upright should know that String Lake, which is located northwest of Jenny is the best place for it. It is not very deep and warms up quickly. On the east coast there are picnic areas and around it goes trail.

Jenny Lake is located in the heart of the national park "Grand Teton." All tourists who want to escape the crowds of visitors could head to the northeastern shore of the lake or to board a passenger ferry in the summer all day pore waters. Solitude in nature and beautiful scenery will surely make you feel a lot of positive energy.

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