Lake Brienz and Interlaken

Brienz Lake and Interlaken a beautiful destination in Switzerland. If you are going to visit the canton of Bern, by no means miss this part of the Alps. Here is a summary of statistical information about Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. These are glacial lakes with an elongated shape and an average depth of 160 meters. They are located in the central part of Switzerland between the Bernese and Emmental Alps.

On both sides rise high mountain hills and peaks: Brienzergrat 2351 meters high to the north, Fowlhorn with a height of 2683 meters and Schwarzhorn with 2930 meters. Both lakes are filled with water from melting snow and glaciers. They are interconnected by a narrow channel.

In addition, the river Aar and several small tributaries complement the catchment area of ​​Lake Brienz. During the months of May and June it is at its highest and then a ship cruise is organized. The outflow of Lake Brienz is to the Aar River, the North Sea and the Rhine. Bookmark and Share

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What to do in Lake Brienz and Interlaken

Both lakes are of great importance to the Swiss economy. Especially for tourism. Between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun is the world-famous resort of Interlaken. Even his name suggests the location.

There is no doubt that the canal between the lakes has been artificially dug. You can walk on it with the only steam ship. From here you can take the train to the Lauterbrunnen Valley and visit the cities of Grindelwald, Wengen and Mürren. In winter it is also very beautiful because all the surrounding peaks are covered with snow. We made a reservation in the most luxurious hotel in Switzerland and we do not regret the money we gave because it was worth it.

The best panoramic views of Lake Brienz and Interlaken are from Harder Kulm and Jungfrau. And a small clarification, there are not many fish in these lakes, so you can only enjoy the amazing nature. The Swiss know how to protect the environment so that tourism is not harmed.

The waters here are blue, the air is clean mountainous, and the food is extremely tasty. The best view of Lake Brienz and Interlaken is from a ship, as the shores are steep and high. The ships are small, but convey the atmosphere of a bygone era, which is part of the charm of this voyage.

Visit the Giessbach waterfall, which consists of several jumps before flowing into the lake. Everything we have described can be done in one day at a relatively low price by European standards.

We continue our journey to the other natural attractions of Switzerland, which are too much for the time we have. This gives me the idea to visit this part of Europe again.

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