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Kyrgyzstan natural attractions - vast mountains, beautiful glaciers, dazzling lakes enjoy the eye of everyone who wished to touch her extraordinary beauty. Picturesque landscapes take us from the extensive meadows to the snow-covered high mountain peaks.In fact, Kyrgyzstan is one of the most mountainous countries on the planet.

It occupies the western and central parts of the Tian Shan mountain massif, and the borders divide it from landmarks in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China attractions. The sun was shining through the window of the hotel room, and it seemed to be asking me to stand up and enjoy the view of the Heavenly Mountain - Tian Shan.

I have long wanted to go to this country, and here, thanks to an international conference, my wish came true. The mountains occupy more than 70% of the territory and 750 lakes all over the country. The most famous and the biggest of them is Issyk-Kul. At noon, after arriving from all the different countries, the journey to Issyk-Kul began. We were about four hours ahead.

Our column looked like a caravan, except for cars, jeeps and buses. The road was narrow, and it was passing through many beautiful places. Behind the windows were green hills, huge meadows, desert landscape bare rocks, yorks in many places, and men and women on horses. They provide meat and milk, as well as transport for yurts and people. Bookmark and Share

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As I watched the landscapes around, I understood why a famous Russian traveler, in love with this region, after visiting Kyrgyzstan, said: "This is real Switzerland, but it's better." After about 3 hours we reached Lake Issyk-Kul.

The view was incredibly beautiful. The blue waters of the lake flowed into the bluish shadows of Tien Shan Mountain, covered with sparkling snow. Lake Issyk-Kul is located at 1609 m above sea level and is the second largest lake in the world after Lake Titicaca in Peru, and only to Baikal in the purity of water. The next day was very interesting.

After the breakfast on the restaurant's sun terrace, the working part of the day was over, which ended early in the afternoon. The weather was wonderful, hot and sunny. We traveled for about half an hour and stood on a large meadow where we were going to watch horse races and games.

Before the start we even had the opportunity to ride. For those who could not ride alone, the horses' drivers helped us get up and down the saddle, patiently holding the bows and taking the horses in a circle. Soon the program started. We sat down on the grass and brought us something to drink in bowls, like fresh milk. It turned out to be a cum, a traditional beverage of fermented bulb milk.

A sweet-sweet to taste, slightly astringent, and quite refreshing in the heat, and as they have assured us very useful. Games and competitions then started. It was a lot of fun, especially when all the riders showed up with tankers for a game where the two teams were hit with sacks full of wool.

The performances have amused us a lot. We had lunch in the yurt, our hosts had set up rich tables in the yurts among the trees, the food was prepared on the spot, smelled like skewers, and by the yurts musicians in traditional costumes performed Kyrgyz folk songs. After a good and tasty lunch, we stayed for a while in the gorge, walked along the shore of the thriving mountain stream and enjoyed the coolness under the shade of pines.

I really did not leave the mountain. Kyrgyzstan definitely conquered me. Whether because of the amazing nature or the historical sites of the Silk Road and Mongol hordes or because of hospitality and smiles of people.

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