10 Koh Rong Beaches in Cambodia

The weather on Koh Rong beaches was great and we managed to enjoy an incredible vacation to attractions in Cambodia. After an unsuccessful attempt to observe the marine plankton at one o'clock in the evening, we successfully took the sunrise around 6.30 am.

It was impressive, but if we knew what was going to happen. While we were eating a fruit plate again, we asked Robby and his sister to take a boat trip, and they were not sure yet. Or there were no people, or they loved everything at the last minute. We went to the beach to bathe and take some pictures, and then we realized that there would be a tour.

We had exactly 5 minutes to pack our luggage (swimsuit, snorkel and $ 10 per person as it was the price of a tour) and we set off. From our bungalows there were a few more people, and by 11am we were already on the way with the wooden boat powered by two car engines placed on the top.

The captain and his assistant were not more than 20 years old, English speaking with one word. The good thing about the tour is that we would see almost the entire island, otherwise the movement on land from our beach was almost impossible. There were no bike rentals, and the road was a terrible off-road. We walked past the beaches of Nature Beach, Long Set Beach and stopped by the small island of Co Toh, where the snorkeling area was. Nothing special, we saw very few fish, there were no beautiful corals like the Philippines, for example. After a while arrived and a boat with 20 Chinese people who began to jump with vests on the coral and it was time to export. Bookmark and Share

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The next stop was on the quay of Koh Touch, the largest settlement on the island, where we left for an hour and a half of free time. The water had nothing to do with our beach (Coconut Beach), it looked pretty dirty, so was the pier. Still, most of the ferryboat landed here.

They did not work on their oven, so they did not do it properly. Does not matter. As we talked to him and understood that we are from Bulgaria, we are talking about the two Bulgarians who live on the island and keep a bungalow. We did not have time to look for them and tell them hello, maybe the other time we made Crystal from Seattle, traveling for 5 months with a backpack in Southeast Asia after she left her job as a dispatcher in 911 and a 23-year-old dark man a French woman living and working in Vietnam and jumping to Cambodia for a long weekend.

They both were in no hurry to go home in their native places. You must be wondering how a Parisian will choose the dusty and overcrowded Ho Chi Minh for years of his life, but here is how. After 2 beers at the pub we started again, and before we got on the boat, we bought another 3 beers from the store. This time we were fishing. Our couple was bewildered by Vicky, who caught 3 fish, to mention that it was not easy and did not all reap the same success.

Sometimes the captain told us to stop, but for half an hour no one paid attention - everyone wanted to put at least one fish on the table. The last stop was to Sok San Beach or also known as Long Beach. 7 km long and located on the west side of the island, it is only a boat or a one-hour walk from the main village along a jungle trail. Here we swam, we found a natural pool near the shore, we saved a Chinese from drowning, and ate the catches, skillfully prepared at the barbecue of the boat by the captain and his assistant.

At one point they played music through a column that they had to repair twice before leaving, but eventually the venture was successful. So we listened to lazy music, drank beers and enjoyed the coming sunset, and our captain was lying on a hammock, and nothing could disturb him.

The next day was the Khmer New Year, and there would be no tours, no boats, no festivities. The sunset was magical, with that great sun characteristic of these latitudes. We sailed back to the starting point leaving some of our companions on Koh Touch on the way.

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