Small but very beautiful islands of Kiribati

Attractions in Kiribati are a inseparable part of nature and civilization. Kiribati is a large group of small islands and atolls in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

They lie on both sides of the equator and are scattered over a large area in the ocean - 3.5 million square kilometers. Due to the low altitude, these islands are at risk of subsidence because rising sea level. At these latitudes there are no big resorts, not even electricity, but this does not prevent the local population identify themselves as Micronesians to live happily.

So small and so beautiful island nation in the middle of the Pacific, which you should not miss and necessarily visit if you're in this part of the Earth. They feed mainly fish, bananas, taro, breadfruit and coconut.

Half of the islands are inhabited and the total number is about 200 thousand people. Here are some of the islands, which have a large population. We start with the Gilbert Islands group, named after the British explorer first discovered these paradises.

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lagoon in Kiribati
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Excellent conditions for tourism in the islands in Kiribati

Phoenix Islands - are two atolls and seven islands with a population of only 50 people. Line Islands - 7 island and one atoll with a population of over 9,000 people living on the larger islands Teraina, Kiritimati and Tabuaeran.

Each island group has its own capital, and the most important administrative and cultural center of Kiribati and lived president of the country and of the island of Tarawa the capital Bairiki. Kiribati actively participate in all Pacific conferences to discuss global warming, as Kiribati will be the first country to disappear from the map of the Earth.

Even the president intends to buy island near Fiji attractionswhere to move the entire population of Kiribati.

Amazing and beautiful attractions in Kiribati

The climate of the islands is equatorial, humid with rainfall 1000-2000 mm. with an average temperature of over 28 ° C.

Kiribati is visited only 5 thousand tourists a year, mainly from Phenomena of Australia and attractions in New Zealand developed road network is approximately 670km.

The main attractions in Kiribati aerial tour by plane between atolls, walk on a small boat in the lagoons and underwater fishing.

Hospitality is an important feature of the population, and their motto is: "Tomorrow is another day." The survival of this small nation revolves around the ambition and motivation to live day to day.

To experience all that is needed to stay on the island for a week and experience the dances and customs of horava in Kiribati.

The island group is visited mostly by fishermen and people with adventurous spirit, accustomed to a meager lifestyle.

Here you will experience nature in all its dimensions and Micronesians in the community and family come first.

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