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Natural landmarks in Kazakhstan

For historical and natural landmarks in Kazakhstan we can write and talk a lot, because the country is huge, almost the size of Western Europe. Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, bordering the west of the Urals and the Caspian Sea, north of Russia and east China.

One third of the country's area is covered by steppes, which in addition to grazing and habitat for birds and other animals are not used. Overall natural attractions in Kazakhstan are many and can hardly visit, but we will mention only the most important ones.

Caspian Sea is one of the first on our list. This is a non-draining, Salt Lake, which has a lot of oil and natural gas. In recent years there has been increased interest in tourism on the coast, because spring new modern villages and resorts called Caspian Sea Riviera.

Another very beautiful lake Balkhash is, located in eastern Kazakhstan and interesting about it is that it is half salt and half fresh water is. If you choose to visit the city of Balkhash starting point in the spring or autumn.Bookmark and Share

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Landmarks in Kazakhstan with national importance

Irtysh River is one of our proposal's water Kazakhstan. Here you can go fishing (sturgeon and carp) or simply walk to the lake Zaysan. The water is soft and sweet, perfect for irrigation and watering animals and humans. Along the Irtysh River has many archaeological sites, because this region was inhabited by ancient peoples for millennia.

For lovers of ecological paths and mountains offer a summer walk in the Altai Mountains. Favorite resting places for the tourists to beautiful lakes and clean rivers. Great rivers Irtysh, Ob and Yenisei springs precisely from the huge mountain range.

Top 10 landmarks in Kazakhstan

In summer you can enjoy the colorful carpets the meadows covered with flowers and at the same time to see snow-capped mountain ranges. Another landmarks in Kazakhstanis is Ural Mountains.

It divides the continents of Europe and Asia and in the southern part is located in the desert regions of Kazakhstan. Areas around major rivers that pass through the Urals are perfect for camping. Baikonur Cosmodrome is the next landmark in Kazakhstan.

Baikonur city has a special mode of movement and provides service to the aerospace area. Territorial everything belongs to Kazakhstan, but 2050 is leased from Russia for its space program. The largest cities in Kazakhstan are Astana and Almaty.

For the city of Astana can write that is the capital of Kazakhstan and currently Intensive construction, and Alma can mention the most important tourist attractions:

Aisha-Bibi mausoleum, mausoleum of Hodja Ahmed Yasawa Babaji-Khatoon and Karahan.

Particular interest to foreign tourists are national parks in Kazakhstan - Alton Emel, Bayanul and Karkariya.

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