The most important attractions in Kauai

Kauai island garden, as it is known among tourists this Hawaiian island. Possible activities are many, ranging from panoramic tour on the island of Kauai helicopter, horse riding or hiking in the canyon Waimea, fishing Menehune Fishpond or lounging on the beautiful beaches, which are numerous.

Let me just recall that the island of Kauai is the oldest island in Hawaii. Its area is 553 square miles, but offers the widest variety of entertainment that dumb hell view of the neighboring islands of Oahu or Maui.

The climate is subtropical but thanks to the diverse topography and varying altitude may have some changes in temperature and humidity. Lovers of trekking on foot can climb to the highest point of Mount Kawaikini height 1598 m.

On the south coast of Kauai is Spauting Horn - natural attraction formed by volcanic lava. In big rush or great excitement forming a natural geyser of seawater. The height of the water column reaches 20 meters. On the island of Kauai has several botanical gardens. They are home to many endangered species of flowers and animals. Amazing collection of tropical plants still thriving just here in Hawaii and especially in botanical Lawai Garden . Another similar and very nice botanical Allerton Garden is located next to lava. 100 acres of land are a wide variety of darvetai flowers. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Kauai

North extends another botanical Limahuli Garden known for its combination of archaeological and historic sites.

Wild Reserve Alakai. This is marshland measuring about 1,000 acres. Here live rare species of plants and animals that are in symbiosis with each other.

Most tourists prefer the beaches on the island of Kauai, about 70 beaches spread over 180 km coastline. Most beaches are pristine and deserted white sand.

Most suitable for scuba diving and beach Tanal Lumahay beach and swimming beach and Poipu Beach Hanaley. We have not forgotten and golfers. You can practice this expensive pastime or wemmel first golf lessons at five clubs have their own courses.

Waimea Canyon known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Waimea Canyon has a length of 16 km, it is easy to walk and there are several scenic sites specially built for monitoring high.

You can do in clear weather beautiful panoramic pictures of Waimea Canyon. Crater Waialeale - the wettest place in the world because of the many small waterfalls that descend the steep green slopes of the mountain.

Waialeale Crater is best seen from the helicopter.

What makes the island of Kauai attractive place for visitors to Hawaii?

No coincidence here have photographed many Hollywood films and lovers prefer to spend their honeymoon in the tropical scenery of this unforgettable place. Kauai is small enough to be around for a few days.

Even many tourists eventually want to settle right here and spend the rest of his life without much thinking. The feeling of peace and security is everywhere if you have a free spirit and a little courage to travel thousands of kilometers to reach Hawaii.

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