Amazing journey into the heart of Europe

The number of amazing places to visit in Europe cannot be done justice by a short description. There are so many great sites to see and the best way to see them is not while on a plane. An affordable train ride or a planned agency bus tour can accord any tourist the pleasure of seeing Europe's best kept sites and secrets.

Every tourist dreams of going through nascent cities and rolling through picturesque landscapes and a journey into the heart of Europe is easily the realization of this dream. Different train routes can be the beginning of this journey and some of the most enchanting views by railroad are as follows. It is however, important to note that travel authorization is mandatory before embarking on your journey.

Travelers can sign up for pre-screening on the Electronic System of Travel Authorization (ESTA) for a two year approval. Of course everyone can organize plan for journey into the heart of Europe.

This 7 hour journey offers a magical atmosphere and some of the most amazing sites to behold. Leaving behind the majestic buildings in Venice, it runs into the undisturbed valleys of Italy with lush greenery, some magnificent water sources and sparkling streams. This then opens up to grand mountains, covered in snowy peaks and a cloudy mist that is nothing short of enchanting.Bookmark and Share

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European journey in Austria
European journey in Italy
European journey in Verona
European journey in Munich
European journey in Venice
European journey in Scotland
European journey in Trento
European journey in Britain
European journey in Scottish highlands
European journey in Ausrian nature

The Venice - Munich journey into the heart of Europe

There are small traditional Italian villages as the train passes through Verona and Trento a solid mark of heritage and culture.

Proceeding through Innsbruck, Austria is a confirmation that this is one of the most beautiful European cities. There are more snowcapped mountains, divine alpine valleys and yet more quaint villages. Glaciers drip down into lakes overlooking a sea of wild flowers and bedazzling views.

The train ends its journey in Munich, with its clear blue skies and exclusive shopping centers. This journey takes you through the heart of attractions in Europe - where all the splendor lies.

The Scottish highlands resemble one of those beautiful screen savers that look dreamy and surreal.

This two hour journey feeds any traveler's imagination with beautiful, inspiring landscapes and stunning stretches of wildlife. The beauty of this route lies in its extremes; an ensemble of colors, vegetation and features with a dramatic difference.

This journey, indeed takes travelers on a journey of discovery and to the heart of beauty. Some of the areas might look remote but they have a fascinating history with ancient monuments and battlefields. The train goes overlooking the green highlands and passes the highest mountain in Britain - Ben Nevis.

The mountain sides are punctuated with flowing streams that run into rivers and lakes below. For Harry potter fans, this is an especially rewarding journey because it has some of the amazing sites where filming of the movies took place. It is undeniably an enriching experience and well worth the time of any traveler.

Whereas it is often possible to get an ESTA approval at the airport, US citizens should submit their application as soon as they make travel plans so as to avoid any inconvenience.

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