The most famous attractions in Jamaica - rum, reggae and coffee

Incredibly beautiful and unique scenery, dancing until dawn and delicious exotic food, these are just a few of the attractions in Jamaica.

Welcome to Jamaica, home of reggae andĀ  musician Bob Marley. Here is eternal summer and quite wet Certainly. The nature of the island is amazing, which is why major Hollywood productions choose Jamaica for their photos.

Jamaica is in the center of the hurricane coming from the Atlantic Ocean. They cause serious damage to coastal resorts. Kingston is the capital and the opposite end of the island in the northwest is the largest resort center Montego Bay.

Here are the major attractions in Jamaica for tourists - Nature Reserve and Underwater Park. If you want to spend an unforgettable holiday environmentally friendly beach, then it's best to go for resort of Negril. The beach is 11 km long outstanding and inside the bay has 18 underwater reef - ideal for divers. This is a resort area, which in recent years has developed very quickly. The interior of Jamaica is not very well developed, so rich peopleĀ  prefer local coastal areas - Port Antonio. Bookmark and Share

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Holiday attractions in Jamaica, hotels and resorts

There is one mountain Blu mauntain, which offers an exciting ride with well-trodden ecotracks. On the way you will see several waterfalls - Yas mysterious waterfall.

Other interesting attractions in Jamaica are the beach island Boston Beach, picturesque valley of the Rio Grande, Blue Lagoon and waterfalls Somerset and Reach Falls.

For those adventurous climbing waterfalls offer Duns River, which are all water cascade flowing into the ocean in Ocho Rios.

Don't miss tasting world famous Jamaican rum can even see the process of its production. The population of the island, which is generally African-American is very friendly to tourists.

Amazing and unbelievable attractions in Jamaica

The food prepared in front of her home, and you can not resist. It includes pineapple, papaya, banana, mango, avocado and more.

Jamaican coffee is known worldwide, try it. Buy souvenirs from small shops of local craftsmen. Evenings in Jamaica are very exciting because Jamaicans are kings of reggae.

Organized a very slow music and dancing until dawn. Crime of the island is very large, but this does not apply to the resorts.

There is no danger for tourists from Europe, USA and Asia who can comfortably relax on crystal clear beaches.

Throughout the complex has a rich vegetation of palms, tropical flowers and tropical birds - a haven for guests of Jamaica.

One of the lesser known attractions of Jamaica are its caves. Are also called "Tropical Paradise Cave." There are over thousands of Jamaicans known caves, most of which were investigated.

This type of tourism is not well developed because caves themselves are very short - between 80 to 300 meters. In Jamaica, there are two major cave club that can help you easily walk in a cave.

The attractions in Jamaica is visited annually by 1, 1 million tourists.

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