Historical and natural attractions in Israel

Attractions in Israel are well known worldwide. This is the land of the three main religions - Muslim, Christian and Jewish. That's why millions of pilgrims and tourists from Europe, Asia and North America visit this ancient country year-round and especially sacred city of Jerusalem.

Visitors to combine business with pleasure, on the one hand to see for themselves the Holy Sepulchre, on the other hand have fun among attractions in Israel.

Since ancient times the country is known for its milk and honey, but it is preferable to make your tour in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on foot.

You will feel the spirit of these two very famous city. The prices of food and services are available and it is good to stay in the country for at least one week. What are the main attractions in Israel? Bookmark and Share

Attractions in Israel photo gallery

Israel ancient amphitheater
Israel bahai's gardens
Israel Caesarea Maritima
Caesarea Maritima
beautifil street in Israel
church in Jeriselem
attractions of Dead Sea
Dome of the Rock
orthodox church in Jerusalem
Western Wall of Jerusalem

Amazing attractions in Israel

We start our tour with the Baha'i gardens, located at the foot of Mount Carmel. Very interesting terraced implementation of gardens built with taste and harmony.

This work of art is located on a hill and terraces are 18, and the construction and maintenance of the complex cost over 250 million dollars. The main attraction remains in Israel's capital Jerusalem and especially ancient city. The largest influx of tourists there during the Easter and Christmas holidays.

Most interesting attractions in Israel

You can list the most famous landmarks in Jerusalem as the Wailing Wall and the Temple behind the "Dome of the Rock" Mosque Al-Aqsa, the Holy Sepulchre, Golgotha, the Western Wall - Hakotel Hamaaravi and the Temple Mount - Har Habait. Be sure to tour in Israel to visit the modern city of Tel Aviv.

This city is a business and cultural center with a 15 km long beach. The hotels along the coast are high, and the city's most embassies are located in foreign countries. The majority of Israel's Negev desert covered by that borders the Dead Sea.

It is located about 40 kilometers east of the capital, and is very rich in mineral salts suitable for the treatment of certain diseases. For lovers of history and archeology recommend a visit to the ancient city of Caesarea Maritima. It is fairly well preserved remains of Roman and Byzantium civilizations, attractions in Italy like Roman theater, hippodrome, amphitheater, and so tsitadion famous Roman baths.

In the small streets of the city can buy souvenirs and shopping Arab and Jewish goods. And at the end of our journey, take a walk through the Holocaust memorial Yad st-Shem. Built in 1953 kept secrets of the millions of Jews killed by the Nazis sword.

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