The most important attractions in Marie Galante

The island Marie Galante Guadeloupe, a small but beautiful seaside paradise for lovers. Marie Galante is one of the Caribbean, part of the overseas territories of France - Department of Guadeloupe. The island has an area of ​​170 square kilometers and a population of about 12,000 people.

The island of Marie Galante administratively divided into three municipalities: Grand Bourg, Saint Louis and Kapesterre de Marie Galante, which were created in 1994. The island is known as the first land on which builds the Navigator Christopher Columbus during his second voyage, November 3 1493.

Marie Galant is flat island, its highest point reaches 204 meters. On the north coast is dotted with stones, and in the western part of the island beaches and mangrove forests. East island is separated from the Atlantic by a coral barrier reef. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Marie Galante

In colonial times, the island thrived tobacco, coffee, cotton and sugar cane. But with the advent of new technologies and more advanced models of production the number of plants fell sharply and product quality begins to improve. In the XX century the island started its production of high spirits - rum.

Nowadays, tourism is booming. There are many historical and natural sights that attract more tourists. We start our walk with the historic town of Grand-Bourg and visit the Museum of Arts and traditions.

Beside him is half destroyed building sugar factory from the colonial era. We pay attention to the restored stone mill and a monument on Lake Pond Punch Pond.

Most tourists visit the island of Marie Galante because of the beautiful beaches Grand-Bourg, La Feuillere, Massacre beach. It is advisable to join a guided tour and taste the finest rum in the world. In recent years, it is fashionable to conclude marriage because he believes that here is the great romance of the Caribbean islands.

Gueule Grand Gouffre - gigantic natural arch of northern rocky shores of the island of Marie Galante. In the past the island of Marie Galante has been known for a hundred windmills. Nowadays remaining 72 windmills, and in its place was built a wind farm.

Because of the great interest of tourists to the production of sugar cane are reserved ox carts, which is transported reeds. Even has provided racing oxcarts. Don't miss attractions in Guadeloupe - perfect vacantion for lovers.

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