The most beautiful Irish landmarks

Irish landmarks occupy an important part of the British Isles. Republic of Ireland 5/6 occupies the territory of the island of Ireland. The country ranks among the top five in the world in standard of living.

Generally the island is flat, and the east coast the terrain is smooth and on the west cliffs and many bays. Dominated by hills and low mountains up to 800 meters altitude. The landscape is full with lakes and rivers. Nature is preserved, the largest river is the Shannon, Ireland and belongs to the lonely Isle of Man.

Difficult to list all Irish landmarks in an article, but I will try to describe the most important tourist routes. Our first stop is the capital Dublin. Quiet town where you will not feel traffic. As you know, here and throughout Ireland has many medieval castles and well preserved, some of which have been turned into museums.

A few days are enough for you to visit all the attractions in Ireland. Malahide Castle - the most famous castle in Dublin and in particular the garden inside the castle. Bookmark and Share

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Most visited Irish landmarks

Visit the ruins of Swords Castle and Howth Castle, also restored Ashtown Castle, which is located in Phoenix Park.

Although you may not be Catholic, but do not forget to visit the famous Catholic cathedral in Irlaniya - St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Located on the outskirts of Dublin, built 900 years ago and opened on the day of St. Patrick, who greatly honored in this country.

For lovers of nature walks can offer a great combination of historical sites located in a well-preserved natural attractions. It is a place Kylmore Abbey and the lake bearing the same name.

The most preferred tourist Irish landmarks

Like something you can see if you visit Ballynahinch Castle. Visit also very interesting mound Newgrange and the rich collection of objects used in the Neolithic. All this is a wonderful turn that makes the river Boyne.

Most Irish castles have similar architecture with the English castles and fortresses, though these are two different countries.

One of the most famous and popular landmarks is the Irish national park "Killarney". Within the park there are many well-established green paths that go around the beautiful Loch Lane and Gap of Dunloe.

Climate especially during the summer months is cool, ideal for walking or cycling. Within the park is also Danlou castle, which now operates as a hotel. Northwest Ireland looks pretty inhospitable. The waves of the Atlantic crash in the high rocky coast of Slieve League. This view is often used in Hollywood films.

Similar views have also Peninsula Dingle.

Buddhas wonder as why the Middle Ages the very wealthy people in Ireland have built castles on inaccessible high cliffs, and later their successors have abandoned them.

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