The most visited attractions in Iran

The biggest attractions in Iran can not be ignored by tourists because of the political and economic problems of the country in recent years. This destination offers many interesting and varied historical and natural resources. In the distant past this land was located Persia and logical to have other ancient monuments of that era.

Some of them time it was destroyed , but thanks to the efforts of organizations such as UNESCO, there is still plenty to see . Here's a short list of the most interesting sights in Iran. First it was the ancient city of Persepolis , which flourished during the reign of Darius the Great, but later Alexander the Great destroyed most buildings.

At this point in time you can see well-preserved palace of Darius I the Great and about 40 remains of buildings. Another interesting attraction in Iran Necropolis Naghsh-e-Rostam. Represents four cross carved in solid rock, which probably served for tombs of the rulers of Persia including himself Darius the Great. Bookmark and Share

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Historical attractions in Iran

Inside the crosses has carved stone reliefs of the Persian wars and deities. Bridges in Isfahan city is another architectural attraction in Iran. Walk the bridges Khajou, Shahrestan and Sio-se-Pol and enjoy a wonderful view of the river Zayandeh especially at sunset.

Ziggurat Chogha Zanbil - built by Untash Gal about 3250 years, was 54 meters high. The building has five floors, but unfortunately nowadays there are only two and a half levels. Bill is intended to glorify the power God Inshushinak. Included in the list of architectural heritage.

If you want to look at a traditional village in the desert and see the Iranian buildings of mud bricks and then your destination is the city of Yazd.

Architectural landmarks in Iran

Looks a little bit unusual compared to the other attractions in Iran, but worth visiting "Towers of Silence" or known as wind towers that stick out over the city. Modern attractions in Iran could I mention Square in Isfahan , Mosque Sheikh Lotfollah, Masjid-e-Imam and other examples of Islamic architecture. In the capital Tehran also has a lot to see.

First National Museum of Tehran , Calligraphy Museum and the Museum Abguineh Glass. Visit the southern city of Shiraz - sixth population in Iran. Interest here are building Qian , The Friday Mosque and the Citadel of Karim Khan . And finally if you get time visit Qom and Kashan city .

Relatively small towns, but with an interesting history and attractions. Let's list the most important of them. These are the tomb of Caliph Umar al- Khattab , the mounds Sialk Porte Capua Ali , Imam Square , Agha Bozorg Mosque , the residence Borujerdi and much more.

By making a comparison with attractions in Iraq or attractions in Syria here in Iran will find twice as many monuments of architecture and art. So do not hesitate and visit this Islamic country.

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